Speedy Painter 3.3.0

Speedy Painter is an OpenGL based painting software for Windows. It supports Wacom digitizers to vary size and opacity of brush strokes according to pen pressure.

Windows (all)
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  • Reference view that follows zoom! Available using the F3 key
  • Export drawing process into a video: ready to upload it on YouTube!
  • Multiple layers
  • Ability to vary stroke size and/or opacity according to pen pressure (supports Wacom digitizers)
  • Replay of drawing process
  • Import/export drawing process
  • Loading of most common image formats
  • Canvas rotation
  • Canvas flip
  • Selection mask
  • Perspective grid overlay

What's New:

  • Added Cut and Paste actions, this finally solves a major limitation of previous versions of SpeedyPainter.
  • Improvement in the rotation feature: rotation is now always relative to the center of the visible area. In previous versions rotation was always relative to the center of the canvas, and it was hard to execute the desired rotation when we were zooming in a small portion of the image.
  • Bucket fill tool.
  • Gradient tool.
  • Added Spanish language localization (you can change the language in the "settings dialog").
  • The new info dialog now allows to customize some of the main application's keyboard shortcuts.
  • Smoother contour of selection mask.
  • Improved Layers Preview widget, the maximum height of the widget is now fixed and a scrollbar will be visible when the number of previews will exceed the widget height.
  • Solved a problem with the Color Selector square, occurring with Intel® HD Graphics hardware.
  • Bug fixes.