The start menu replacer for Win8, styled and integrated inside taskbar.

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3.5/5 from 2 votes


  • No system files patching
  • No hooks over system objects
  • No app-init DLLs
  • No additional services, drivers, etc
  • No trash in registry
  • No installation - just unpack and launch
  • Small, fast and powerful
  • Open-source

What's New:

  • [new] Korean localization;
  • [new] Setting for stretching image on Main button in different ways;
  • [new] Setting to disable auto-corner feature (when setting is on, Main window aka Button-stack is always shown near Main button when Alt+Z is pressed);
  • [new] Settings to enable/disable confirmation and forcing of Power actions (shutdown, restart...);
  • [new] Setting to display Start Menu in more compact way;
  • [new] Now also unhandled exceptions are sent to Google Analytics;
  • [new] Added information to About dialog on the originating country of Power8;
  • [removed] Ukrainian translation. We need someone with UK Windows MUI running it on daily basis. Otherwise quality of translation will suffer;
  • [changed] Returned Russian translation to the MSI. The integrity of layout is more important than filthy souls of some Russian people;
  • [fixed] New items weren't put under Start Menu when they're originated from the User's start menu under Win8;

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