Traditionally, you begin a mouse gesture by holding down the right mouse button and drawing something, like the letter R for example, then release the right mouse button. This triggers the application to process your drawing and perform the specified action. The most common actions are maximizing/minimizing windows, navigating back/forward, or automated logging into a certain website. However, StrokesPlus takes it to the next level, giving you ultimate control over exactly what happens when your action executes.


  • Native code; no frameworks or runtime dependencies (uses very little RAM)
  • Built-in Lua processor
  • Endless gesture and modifier combinations
  • Granular control over program settings and actions
  • Many time-saving functions exposed to the Lua engine
  • Create global hotkeys for actions without using the mouse

What's New:

  • Added acGetExecutablePath and acExpandEnvironmentString actions
  • Compiled using platform toolset Visual Studio 2013 (v120). I have no idea how this may affect compatibility for older versions of Windows, but I have built a new PC and this is what I am running with from now on
  • Fixed issue with ignore buttons not being recognized properly and generally running amok
  • Removed keys from being Stroke buttons; the code was really messy and I do not feel it is in the best interest of productive maintenance and performance of S+