CDisplayEx 1.10.9

CDisplay Ex is the most used comic book reader. It is able to read all comic book formats (cbr cbz pdf etc..).

March 18, 2014
Windows (all)
7.1 MB
3 / 5    (2 votes)
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Everything is designed give you the best reading experience, it load comic books immediately, reading is fluid and comfortable even on slow computer. It uses advanced resize techniques to provide a smooth rendering.

Rediscover your old comics in a new light

Old scanned comic books can be horrible to read because of bland colors and transparency. So the reader provide a specific algorithm to apply needed corrections to fix it.

Fully Configurable

The reader is fully configurable and can be easily adapted to your habits. All functions can be assigned to one or more keyboard shortcuts.

Cover thumbnail plugin

The reader also install a thumbnail plugin in Windows Explorer. It will help you to find quickly your comics, visualizing the covers.

What's New:

  • fix rare bug when closing application.
  • fix a translation issue.
  • Add a "Small cursor" option (like original CDisplay).
  • Japanese mode improved, all interface is now adapted for right to left reading when this mode is selected.
  • Slovenian language support
  • Fix a bug in the "fit to screen" mode, it was skipping one page when reading.
  • fix Windows XP SP3 compatibility
  • fix RAR5 encrypted files.
  • Faster JPEG, PNG, GIF images decoding.
  • Support for RAR5 CBR files.
  • Faster RAR decompression.
  • Support for WEBP 0.4 images.
  • Updated translations (DE ES FR IT NL)
  • Fix rare bug when installing Shell Extention on old systems.
  • Fix rare bug displaying some GIF images.
  • Option to clear history when the application closes.
  • Option to hide on-screen informations.
  • Option: Slow scrolling on long key press.
  • The slideshow function scroll down instead of changing page.
  • Remember thumbsbar size.
  • Smaller installer.