Samsung SH-S223L Firmware SB01

April 30, 2009
2.3 MB
Windows XP/Vista
1. Model
* Model name : SH-S223L
* OEM Code : SB

2. Sales Region : WORLD WIDE

3. What's New:

New fimware released.


Samsung ODD firmware is different in Firmware contents and Hardware organization by Customers.Therefore, if you upgrade other Customer firmware, your drive will be out of order.
Please check your model name exactly before upgrading firmare.

When you upgrade firmware, recommend to use attached files at below.

The firmware upgrade process of this company is organized so that the entire upgrade process is completed after the PC is automatically rebooted.

Therefore, do not turn off the PC power supply by force while the upgrade is in progress.

If the ODD does not operate normally after the firmware upgrade, normal use will be possible if you proceed with the firmware upgrade process again.

When you encounter problems during the upgrade, please contact a Samsung Service Center. If your drive is still in warranty please contact your retailer first
Alternative drivers to Samsung SH-S223L Firmware SB01: