D-Link DWL-8200AP REV B 802.11a/g Managed Dualband Access Point Firmware 2.10

Date: October 30, 2008
File Size: 1.5 MB
OS Support: Windows (all)
Downloads: 528

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Release notes:

Do NOT upgrade firmware on any D-Link product over a wireless connection.
Failure of the device may result. Use only hard-wired network connections.

What's New:

Problem Resolved:
[SNMP] dot11SecAccountingServerPort node cannot get value.
[WEB] When VLAN state is enabled, change the MSSIDís security will disable MSSIDís state.
[Firmware] STA couldnít connect to multi-ssid of 11a band when eth, wlan0, wlan1 use the same mac address. So change the mac address rule back to original
[Firmware] It should send an IAPP-ADD-Notify packet when STA roaming to AP2 from AP1, not only an IAPP-Move-Notify packet.
[Firmware] Change the MAC address rule, eth, wlan0, wlan1 use the same mac address.
[SNMP] Fix SNMP show "00:00:00:00:00:00" mac address in 11A band.
[MIB] Support WDS client info.
[FW] Intel WiFi Link 4965AGN canít connect to AP if authentication is WPA/WPA2 PSK, and vlan state is enabled.
[FW] Fix the Microsoft SilverlightIE compatibility issue.
[FW] AP couldnít connect to fast radius.
[FW] Modify the channel list in 11a band for U3 domain.
[FW] Enhance the MSSID over WDS function, allow user change the security settings of MSSID when the ap mpde is WDS with AP.
[FW]Support maximum community string length to 32 characters.
[WEB] The Vlan tag mode should be set to Manual when Authentication is not WPA in multi-ssid page.
[WEB] If enable Vlan state when the AP mode is WDS, it should pop up a warning message.
[WEB] AP will crash if save Rouge AP detection info before the Radar scan complete.
[WEB] User canít configure a valid IP address(such as X.255.X.X or X.X.255.X) as a DHCP Start Address in DHCP Server page.
[FW] A/G band IGMP snp cannot play simultaneous
[WEB] The dynamic vlan mode can not set successful on the multi-ssid page of 802.11a.
[WEB] If set the authentication to WPA-EAP, the multi-ssid page display imperfectly.
[WEB] User canít set Wireless MAC ACL.
[WEB] If ap mode is not normal ap, then Grouping should be gray and can't set.
[WEB] Enable VLAN State when the multi state is disabled, the radio button of band should point to ďbothĒ.
[WEB] There should be a warning message, when changing primary ssidís authentication will affect MSSIDís authentication.
[CLI] When WDS or WDS with AP mode is set, disable CLI command about ratecontrol and supportrate.
[FW] Only permit user manage the ap through Lan1.
[FW] Mssid over WDS function has some conflict with Mssid Eth to WM filter policy, it wonít take effect if the Mssid Eth to WM filter policy is enable.
[FW] Broadcast packets may miss four bytes if Vlan is enable, this will cause two station can not communicate between 802.11a&802.11g on the same vlan.
[FW] Trap canít send.
[FW]When MSSID is enabled and authentication type is WPA-PSK in secondary SSID, the STAs which associated to secondary SSID failed to ping each other.

[FW] Support APMII v2.0.
[FW] Modify the channel list in 11a band as the latest output power table sepc.
[FW] Support NAP function based on dynamic vlan.
[FW] Support Primary SSID with VLAN tag function
[FW] Support Administration VLAN(Manage VLAN) , administrate AP with WLAN and management IP range function
[FW] Trap server settings(categorize the types of traps)
[FW] Support MSSID over WDS
[FW] WMM over WDS
[FW] Priority by SSID
[FW] IGMP Snooping (v1/v2)
[FW] 802.1X Dynamic VLAN
[FW] Data Rate Control follows Dlink new spec.
[FW] Support IAPP (fast roaming)
[FW] Enable/Disable ping
Secondary RADIUS server setting
[FW] AP status on UI (also on MIB)
CPU and Memory utilization
Statistics for Ethernet TX and RX bytes and packets
[WEB]SSID change wireless network name (SSID)
[MIB]Support 802.11MIB
[MIB]Support MIB-II (RFC-1213)
[MIB]Support Trap002-1 spec
[CLI] CLI command to input SNMP Location.
[CLI] Hide the commands, get targetPower/gett controlPower/get swPower ,in CLI
[CLI]Open 3 RSTP commands, rstp getstp/rstp getstate/rstp setstate

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