What's New:

Firmware: 1.01NA
Date: 07/22/09

1. In Internet Connection Setup Wizard: Step 3, change Telus behavior to default to dynamic.
- Add DNS Setting in PPPoE wizard
2. Fixed that setting virtual server rule with UDP.
3. Fixed when changing the LAN IP, the DHCP range does automatically change to match new subnet/network.
4. Fixed Error message would pop-up after setting NTP server.
5. Fixed MAC filtering feature to allow MAC address that start with numbers other then 00.
6. Corrected WPS LED so that it will blink when using the WPS PIN method in side the WPS wizard.
7. Fixed WAN setup DHCP, QoS Engine WEB UI failed.
8. For login issue, in Vista OS, click DIR-600 icon and still show warning message.
- In support page, “Routing” is missing.
9. Fixed Wireless settings WEP key 1 – 4 will disappear.
10. Corrected issue with schedules. All week and All day schedules now work properly.
11. BiTorrent certification.
12. Fixed DNS portion of Quick Router Setup that would allow an empty field to retain previous settings.
13. Default wireless mode changed from 11G/N to 11B/G/N
14. Add Advance DNS Feature.
15. Add B mode in wireless WEP description.
16. When a schedule is used to disable the wireless, the disabled status is reflected in the status page.
- Fixed when wireless is disabling with schedule, on status information still show wireless is enable.
17. Advanced DNS will be disabled after setting to disabled in Quick Router Setup.
18. Fixed ALG/UPnP issue.
19. Fix PPTP/L2TP auto dial-up at "on demand" mode.
20. Fixed DHCP MTU to "1490", 48
21. Fixed DDNS server address field couldn´t be edited.
22. Disabled CAPTCHA by default.