kX Project Audio Driver is an independent WDM driver for all EMU10K1/2-based soundcards manufactured by Creative and/or E-mu Systems Inc., including the SoundBlaster Live! series, the E-mu Audio Production Studio (APS) card, and the Audigy series of cards. 

Audigy2 Platinum Ex and External Drive support added
Fixed bug with SPDIF Freq selection
Fixed possible bug with SPDIF Bypass mode
Stereo samples support (SF2) improved
Improved SoundFont velocity/volume/expression handling
Improved SoundFont formulas
Fixed bug with clicks when using Vienna
Added support for multiple SoundFont loading via 'Load SoundFont' dialog
Improved support for multiple kX-compatible cards
Selective kX driver installation for multi-card set-ups implemented
Added 'Save'/'Restore' option for each kX Mixer applet
kX Ctrl utility updated:
- Interactive mode added
- Options to reset settings / re-initialize DB card added
Fixed bug with incorrect 10k2 microcode dump function
Fixed B2B DSP Effect
Fixed bug with AC-3 passthru for 10k2-based boards - should work correctly now
Improved AC-3 synchronization
Ukrainian translation added
Japanese translation added
Added support for saving / restoring kX Automation settings (ALPHA)
Fixed bug with MRU list of settings
Fixed 'click' when testing speakers
Improved test sample for subwoofer channel
Improved ASIO synchronization
Improved ASIO sample position accuracy
Improved UART Out SysEx handling
Initial GSIF support
Pseudo Mic-in slider for Windows Mixer added (for compatibility only)
Fixed support for sndvol32 mixer notifications (ALPHA, causes slower slider updates)
Fixed bug with Windows Mixer - kX Mixer notifications (redraw)
Fixed bug with 'Reset global settings'
Fixed bug with B2B [v2] plugin
SPDIF-In AC-3 decoding implemented for 10k2-based boards (alpha: high latency...)
New CLEAX3Reverb effect added ('Concert hall' preset)
New Stereo Mix + Gain effect added
Added a 'Software/kX/Mixer/EnableBalloonTooltips' registry option
Fixed bug with APS SPDIF Recording levels
Fixed bug with kX Synth volume
Fixed bug with ASIO Control Panel window
SPDIF Direct Recording option added for 10k2-based boards
Added support for Separate OSD/RemoteIR settings for each device
Improved OSD visual appearance
Notification / RemoteIR code re-written
Enhanced On-Screen Display function added
Added support for Foobar2000 player (kX RemoteIR)
Added support for Windows Media Player (kX RemoteIR)
Added support for WinDVD Player (kX RemoteIR)
Added support for WinAmp 2.xx (kX RemoteIR)