ATI Catalyst Radeon Display Driver 6.2 (Windows 98/ME)

Date: February 9, 2005
File Size: 14.4 MB
OS Support: Windows 98/ME
Downloads: 3,478

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Release notes:

Issues Resolved in the CATALYST™ Software Drivers for Windows ME

This section provides information on CATALYST™ driver issues that have been resolved in the latest release of CATALYST™. These include the following:

  • 3DMark01SE: Running the game demo no longer results in the Windows ME operating system failing to respond when two or more monitors are connected to the system and clone mode is enabled
  • 3DMark01SE: Running the benchmark in a loop over a long period time no longer results in the Windows 98SE (Chinese Simplified version) failing to respond when an ATI RADEON™ 9550 is installed
  • 3DMark01SE: Looping the demo under Windows 98SE and hitting the ESC key to exit the application no longer results in display corruption being seen
  • Rise On Nation / Silent Storm: The Windows ME operating system no longer fails to respond while playing these games when an ATI RADEON™ 9550 or 9600 series installed
  • Silent Sam: Setting the refresh rate to the highest possible setting for the display resolution of 1024x768 16bpp no longer results in display corruption being seen and the Windows ME operating system failing to respond
  • Selecting the option to restart Windows ME in DOS mode no longer results in a blank display when using only a television as the display device
  • The translation to simplified chinese for the AGP Settings found the Advanced settings of SmartGart is now displayed correctly
  • Connecting a television as the secondary display device and selecting the option to Extend My Windows Desktop on to this Monitor now results in the television display becoming enabled
  • Setting the AGP speed in the ATI Control Panel from 4x to 1x and rebooting the system as required no longer results in the Windows ME operating system failing to successfully reboot
  • The ATI RADEON 9550 is now identified correctly in the Adapter tab of the Advanced Display Properties under Windows ME

Note: Before proceeding with your driver installation we suggest you make sure you are installing the latest version available and for the appropriate model/revision and Operating System. We strongly suggest following 'readme' instructions for installing drivers when available. Often restarting your system will be necessary for the new driver to become active and start functioning properly.

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