Plextor PlexWriter 4/2/20 Firmware 1.04

January 16, 2001
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Windows (all)
- Improved initialization of and writing on CD-RW media after a Quick Erase.
- Modified firmware to initialize CD-RW discs that are not properly erased, formatted or written in order to be able to erase them and use the discs again.
- Improved Quick Erase of Multi-session CD-RW discs.
- Fixed a bug writing on CD-RW media after a Quick Erase. There was a chance to get a write error after the disc was erased with Quick Erase.
- Fixed bug when writing Lead-Out in Session-At-Once mode. There was a small chance for a write error to occur in older firmware revisions.
- Improved read performance of Mode-2 Form-2 format discs such as Video CD.
Alternative drivers to Plextor PlexWriter 4/2/20 Firmware 1.04: