Realtek HD Audio CODECs R1.24 for Win XP/2000/2003(32/64 bits)

Date: August 31, 2005
File Size: 22.4 MB
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP
Downloads: 3,457

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Release notes:

Driver Package R1.24
RtkHDAud.sys Version:
1. Codec Supporting: ALC880, ALC882, ALC883, ALC861, ALC260, ALC262
2. OS Supporting: Microsoft WindowsXP, Widnows2000, Winx64
3. Pack with Microsoft High Definition Audio UAAV1.0a(5013)
4. Add/Fix
1.) Customization.
For New architecture:
1.) Customization.
2.) Support 192KHz sample rate output.
InstallShield package :
Fix :
1. Reboot timing after installation MS QFE ( UAA driver ) .
2. Uninstallation dialog description .
Add :
1. MS hotfix KB901105 can be included by HD pcakage ( If get MS licence ) .
2. Hotfix KB901105 Warning message .
WDM driver for Win2000/WinXP :
WDM driver for Winx64 :
Realtek Soundman :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(ALSndMgr.cpl) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(RTSndMgr.cpl) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(RtlCpl) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(RTHDCPL) :
Alcwzrd.exe :
Driver Setup Program : 1.96
Operate on :
Microsoft High Definition Audio Driver Package - KB888111
Package file version (kb888111.exe) :
Hdaudiobus.sys version :

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