Intel to offer $120 2.4GHz Prescott to OEMs

By on March 11, 2004, 2:51 PM
Intel has confirmed that will be adding a 2.4GHz model to its desktop Prescott lineup despite of the fact the processor was not included in Intel's original roadmap. The new processor should be available by the end of the month at around $120, what makes things more interesting is a possible appearance of the new Prescott at net stores.

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Didou said:
I believe Intel had allready done such a move when they first released the P4. They quickly released a 1.3GHZ Willamete to satisfy some big OEM partners. *cough*DELL*cough*AMD did the same thing not so long ago when they accepted to release a Socket-754 AthlonXP, which is basiclly an Athlon64 without the 64-bit extensions. Nice move...[img]
---agissi--- said:
Thats a good deal if you ask me.... I think :p its the cache that makes up :)
Didou said:
It only makes sense price wise beacause Prescott is cheaper to produce ( thx to the 0.09 process ) but performance wise, it is way below the Northwood.It's only at 3.4ghz & up that it starts to leave the Northwood behind.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Or after developers start to use SSE3 extensively :p
Didou said:
I thought SSE3 was only a few instructions ( around 7 ) that were missing from SSE2 ?
Didou said:
It would seem this speed grade is to get rid of all the chips that did not pass the reliability tests at 2.8ghz & up.Seems Intel is having loads of problems with this 0.09 process.Have a read -> [url=]Pr
scott Info @[/url]
Didou said:
Is it any wonder why Intel is now thinking of using model numbers instead of speed parts. The new naming scheme will be used for the Pentium-M at first but should be moved onto all the processors sometime this summer.[url=
nefd_top]Intel chips take a new number[/url]
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I'll just rate / name the CPUs as "fast enough" :giddy:
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