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By on July 22, 2004, 5:36 AM
HardOCP has taken a look together with id Software on the performance of Doom3 on current hardware, a good read but I mind you to keep this quote from John Carmack in your mind while reading it:

It should be noted that all of the modern cards play the game very well, and benchmark scores should not be the be-all-end-all decision maker. Scores will probably improve somewhat with future driver releases, and other factors like dual slots or dual power connectors can weigh against some of the high end cards.

[URL=]Go read their article.[/URL]

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SOB said:
well, i guess doom 3 favors the 6 series cards. as others, will favor the x800 in HL2? interesting times.
Federelli said:
If only ATI fixed VBO in their drivers...
Per Hansson said:
What is "VBO"?
Comtar said:
Of course Doom 3 would run good on older machines, it's been also designed to run off the 750mhz Processor in the X-box also.
DigitAlex said:
Vertex Buffer Objects
SOB said:
did you try and run the alpha leak? 7 to 15 frames is all i could muster on a 9800 pro and a 3200+ @ 400mhz/dc. now, w/ the new cards we are looking @ 50/60 frames. just playable.VBO is a vendor independent mechanism for storing vertex data in fast graphics memory. video and agp. designed to replace nv vertex array range and ati vertex array object. here's a demo fromdelphi3d. [url][/url]
Federelli said:
[quote][i]Originally posted by DigitAlex [/i]Vertex Buffer Objects [/quote] Exactly, it's one of the various rendering paths used by Doom3, i'd say it's the one used the most since it really optimizes buffer thingies.Currently ATI has it completely the wrong way in it's drivers, something with static buffers i really don't understand
SOB said:
here: [url][/url] and some images [url]
Federelli said:
"""hard ocp did some shader comparisons here: [url][/url] and some images [url][/
rl]"""?!?!?!what do Shader models have to do with Doom3?
SOB said:
more graphic detail of some zombie dragging around your entrails. ;)
Federelli said:
You do know that Shader Models are for DX, and Fragment/Vertex Programs and GLslang are for OGL?...
SOB said:
here's the scoop: [url][/url
Federelli said:
It's an OpenGL engine, it does not, cannot use Shader Model.
SOB said:
willits_qcon2003_a.shtml[/url] and, carmack [url]
l[/url] and, [url]
Federelli said:
You haven't answered my questions and you keep avoiding the issue.OGL uses Fragment/Vertex Programs and GLslangD3D uses Pixel/Vertex Shaders
SOB said:
take advantage of pixel shader 3.0
DigitAlex said:
Please SOB could you avoid putting the beginning of your messages in the title and continuing in the text field, it's a little bit a pain in the arse to read. the title is there to put a title, the text to put the message. Thanks ;)
SOB said:
i didn't know it was annoying, thx for the heads up. notice, now, no title.
Unregistered said:
hey i just got myself a copy of doom3 and it runs on my machine. due to some technical reasons it got downgraded so i thought it wasnt going to play nicely. i have atm a ti4200 3200+ and 512mb ram. i run it at 1024x768 at high settings and it runs flawlessly. anyone thinking of upgrading just to play it give it a go on the old beasty rigs you got now. great game really scary 95% for me. got me a cool little figurine too.
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