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By on November 22, 2004, 5:01 AM
World of Warcraft will be officially released to the public tomorrow, November 23rd, after a long period of beta testing which is something Blizzard has finally got us used to, but who can complain really when a high quality game gets released in the end, or at least that can be said about many of their previous titles (we will let you judge by yourself once WoW is out in the streets).

Our in-house editor, Mikael Hoffman, has been playing through the new Warcraft since the earlier beta tests and will give you a quick rundown on what to expect before you rush to the stores to get the game.

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Strakian said:
I played the Open Beta that ended roughly thursday the 18th of Novemeber. A handful of things mentioned were fixed. The rentable flying mounts pathing was fixed, ,so now they don't forget what they're doing, heh.also, a correction regarding spirit healers..." The first option is to be immediately resurrected but be penalized a certain amount of experience points and lose 10% durability on items."This is incorrect. At least in its most recent form, which was patched a day or two before Open Beta closed. Upon dying you receive 10% durabilty loss on all equipped items, regardless. After that, if you decide to be ressurected by a spirit healer it takes an additional 25% durabilty loss on ALL items in your inventory. Except bank items.This appears to take 10% or 25% of the CURRENT durability, not the full durability, which is nice. I'm so incredibly excited about this game I can't begin to describe it. I'm having withdrawls from not playing and will be making a marathon out of it's release tomorrow!Good synopsis :)
Mikael said:
I'm sorry about that mistake, Strakian. Unfortunately, it is hard to write a preview/review of something when it is about to go live because everything is changing so quickly. I made a post on a thread that a friend made and twenty minutes later my friend said, "Mike, you're completely wrong, mate." It happens! :)Are you playing the game right now?
corey80 said:
World of Warcraft is like the best game u can get. Everybody loves is and plus it made #1 game on the top ten games. It sucks only getting to only play over the weekend, allthough a weeks worth ex everytime u play is preaty fun. World of Warcraft ROCKS!!!!!
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