Mobile phones damage DNA in lab tests

By Derek Sooman on December 21, 2004, 6:09 PM
How many people do you know with a mobile phone? Well, with something like 1.5 billion mobile owners on Earth right now, the chances are that probably just about everyone you know has one. But are they entirely safe?

Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday.

The so-called Reflex study, conducted by 12 research groups in seven European countries, did not prove that mobile phones are a risk to health but concluded that more research is needed to see if effects can also be found outside a lab.

The mobile phone industry continues to boom, with 650 million mobile phones expected to be sold to consumers this year. But are we sitting on a health time bomb bigger than that caused by smoking? In ten or twenty year’s time, will we see a cancer pandemic caused by wide-ranging mobile use?

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Knight said:
This is the main concern which has caused me to never use one. Other reasons include:- I didn't need one before they came out.- They often cost more. (Not always.)- I don't want people bothering me whereever I go.- Not using one forces me to slow down my life, and reduce stress.
Crazy said:
I got one, but i never hardly use it. When i go out, or go to school, then i take it with me for if something happens. Allot of ppl don't even need a mobile phone, but for ppl that do use it all the time..., if i where one of them, i would like to know if there is any(added) danger.
Phantasm66 said:
I think they have changed the way that people live their lives. They are probably one of the most iconic pieces of technology of the 21st century.
Knight said:
Most definitely. Let's hope that cell phones don't bring as much harm as another iconic piece of a past era, the rifle.
shnig said:
The Rifle has brought forth more technoligical advances in every field then any invention in the history of man kind.
Knight said:
No... I think you mean gunpowder.
shnig said:
Well that was a chinese invention in the 10th century and the massive technolgical advances did not happen until the advent of the rifle. So I would stick with my original statement!
McBain said:
I think you're both wrong. The European discovery of the scientific method is what truly did it. However, if you need an influential invention, I would point you to the steam engine. Steam-power is more likely what helped begin the push which propelled North America into a new age. The rifle merely helped things along.Of course, no amount of technical advances are worth the incredible amount of human death, which both the rifle and human greed have caused.
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