What did you get for Christmas?

By on December 26, 2004, 3:50 AM
With this I'm not trying to say Christmas is all about presents, not at all, however because it's one of those special times in the year when you express your sentiments to your loved ones, you usually end up with a few nice gifts... and because most of us are PC Enthusiasts, it's not surprising we get a few gadgets and peripherals for presents (unfortunately I didn't get lucky this year in that aspect but still got a few new things).

So what did you get this year? I will get us started hoping to hear more from you later.

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Julio said:
I got a few shirts, a couple of wallets (from both my mom and girlfriend ;)) and Soprano's 4th season on DVD... I love that show.
jos said:
I got a few PUMA shirts and the Seinfeld limited edition gift set with the 3 first seasons... nothing computer related though
Supra said:
Half-Life 2 silver package, some clothing, and some gift certificates.
foodew13 said:
Kotor II for Xbox, a bamboo plant, an original photo from the first Star Wars poster shoot with Chewie, Han, Luke and Leia (from the girlfriend), rotk: ee.
VBKing said:
DOUBLE everything. Parents got identical set of 2 V-tech 5.8 GHz full color display phones (4 total), my dad and I got my mom exact same Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume, got my mom a cooking syringe to suck up juices and she bought one a few days earlier, got my dad a stud finder and A/C wiring locator and he got me a stud finder with laser tape measure and laser level. Then went to friends and they got me a Rubik's cube and I had gotten their daughter one too. Too funny.Too bad I didn't get an SLI motherboard and a PAIR of PCI Express NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra videocards. I'll have to buy that myself in 2005.
jinks666 said:
right now i'm on my dad's pc as for some reason i havn't got my activation link... well.. i didn't really get anything up-to-date, i just got a nice ol' athlonXP mobile cpu @ 1600+ (but with my motherboard i'm going to overclock it like mad) a lovely 3D Prophet Radeon 9700PRO 128mb, new mouse, speakers and keyboard all in black a chance to build my own pc (which i did and is working very well for it's low spec indeed) a quite re-assurance that for my birthday i'm getting a mega games pc, 2 new watches, a new TV for my other room, some new shirts, 5 new CD's, tons :PLonewolf XiX------------------lonewolf.xix@gmail.com
Rabbit69 said:
Well my missus excelled herself this year and splashed out on a Geforce 6800 GT, a funky new black case and fan controller but best of all I got some new Simpsons socks!!@ Lonewolf, I use Gmail as well and found the activation link went straight to the Spam folder.
JET673_311 said:
Well I faired pretty good this christmas. I got KOTOR 2, Logitech LX 300(wireless desktop), 256 PC2100 RAM, and a nice little Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 256MB. So now I can play Rome Total War without their legs coming to a point. Thanks Santa!
Soul Harvester said:
I got a razor.I GAVE two new computers to my family, they were thrilled. I left as soon as possible.What a year! Net gain: Negative $2000
Mikael said:
New hard drive, printer, bunch of clothes, cash from grand parents, and a pile of stuff that isn't as important as the stuff I mentioned. ;)
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I got a coffeemaker (Technivorm Moccamaster).
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