Streamload offers free 10GB online storage

By Derek Sooman on January 17, 2005, 12:38 PM
A company called Streamload is willing to give you 10GB online storage - for free. Yes, you heard that right, for free. In an effort to compete with larger companies that offer online homes for digital photographs, and other huge systems like those of Google's Gmail service, Streamload is offering consumers a free 10-gigabyte online storage locker for multimedia files. Streamload believes that even the average person can benefit well from their free storage.

"It seems to have come to appeal not only to the hard-core early adopters, but to mainstream users. It's no longer a novelty to have an MP3 player, and even having a place online to store MP3 files so you can fill up your iPod on the road has become more common." - Streamload chief executive Steve Iverson.

Streamload's service also allows its customers to share files stored on the system, but has guards in place to prevent the swapping of pirated content. The free offer will go into effect on Monday, but there is a catch or two.

People who sign up for the free 10GB service can only download 100MB a month and can only upload files of 100MB at a time. Customers who pay about $10 a month have much looser restrictions.

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---agissi--- said:
100MB a [b]month[/b] is really really limited :(
Phantasm66 said:
Yes, this IS crappy I will admit.
abc said:
What I've found to be pretty convenient at times is Put a file less than 1GB online for anyone to download. Works great to send large files to multiple people.
trasgado said:
Well your hearing this from someone who actually USES streamload. One, you only get a 100 megabytes for FREELOADERsThat is people who join for the free storage but don't pay for downloading. You get a single gigabyte per dollar, the minimal monthly is 10 dollars and you get 10 gigabytes. You also have the ability to purchase more and if you don't want to go for monthly and just do a one type purchase you can purchase 5 gigabytes for 5 dollars. The people at are ****** to think that they would give you a tiny 100MB for 10 bucks. Also, its stupid of you Agissi and Phantasm66 to suddenly believe these people to be telling the truth!Streamloaders are people who pay 10 bucks a month for 10 gigabytes that month.Freeloaders are people who pay nothing and get a 100 Megabytes for their entire month and are restricted to only downloading files that are smaller then 10 Megabytes. This helps to keep freeloaders from stealing from streamload.They also have hosting abilities so you can host files like movies, mp3s, jpegs,or ect to be given away under the link of [url][/url] and it'll be there for people to download. You can also email HUGE amounts of files to people daily.IT has an unlimited amount of free storage so you can upload anything you want to their servers but it costs you a dollar for each gigabyte you download back. They don't hassle you if you over download either, heck I did that once and they just shrugged it off because I was a streamloader and not some stinking freeloader.Several different ways to upload and you can request for an FTP account to upload to that they'll do for free. This Techspot place SUCKS to have did that huge of a mistake and should probably recheck everything that they studied because if they made a mistake that stupid, I fear what else they made all of you people think.
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