LokiTorrent up for sale

By Derek Sooman on January 27, 2005, 7:21 PM
EDIT by Per 01/28, Lokitorrent is not up for sale. This was only rumour spreading!

LokiTorrent.com has been putting up a brave fight against the MPAA, but now the BitTorrent hub has put its domain up for sale, despite a promising looking campaign for users to donate funds towards their legal fight. They had managed to raise over $40,000 towards battling the MPAA.

Any good will that LokiTorrent gained from some BitTorrent backers by fighting the pigopolists may evaporate given the For Sale sign at sedo.com. The ad for the LokiTorrent.com reads, "Complete working peer-to-peer website. Includes: 680,000 registered *active* (within 6 months) members. Complete source code of www.lokitorrent.com and forums.lokitorrent.com Completely automated opt-in mailing list (daily mailings).

Looks like this is not so much of a shutdown as a transfer, with LokiTorrent's existing owners promising a "fully automated donation system with donor-only features. Completely optimized for heavy loads. Extremely loyal user base." Itís not clear at present whether or not LokiTorrent will transfer the cash of the donations to the new owner of the domain.

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Mikael said:
I don't blame people for sending in hatemail to the staff at LokiTorrent after hearing that the domain would be put up for sale after people donated money to their legal fund. Either way, I think most people understand that ultimately, LokiTorrent is doomed.
Phantasm66 said:
All of these sites are doomed.
Per Hansson said:
01/27 - LokiTorrent up for sale? (by lowkee) I now know what it's like to be a politician. Every move, no matter how small, gets posted as news. As some of you may have read recently on some p2p news sites, LokiTorrent.com is posted as 'for sale' on Sedo.com.If you ran a website (and some of your do), wouldn't you be curious how much it was worth? It's common knowledge that most people that buy websites don't buy them to continue running them. They simply nab the mailing list, spam everyone, then make the site into one big sponsored search engine and pop-up gallery. ...The exact reason selling it would mean scrapping an entire year's worth of work that I and the entire volunteer team at LokiTorrent have put into making a worthwhile community site. If some guy offers me $75K for the domain name, he's more than welcome to it, and I'll simply move the site to a different domain. Selling the entire site will never happen. I have way too much of myself in this site to sell it for any price (well, 2 million could get me to part with it, lol.. but let's live in reality). As for the legal fund.. if I were going to run off, I would have already. That money is for the lawsuit, as stated. Only those who would run off with the money thought we would. The legal fund is an enormous sum, and it shows exactly who supports p2p rights. Those who called it a scam and haven't put a few bucks in don't deserve the work, money and time I and the rest of the supporters of LokiTorrent and other p2p sites have put into their projects. If it were up to them, the internet would be nothing more than porn spam and fake college degrees. Lead by example. We're fighting for your rights, the right to run our site and up until recently I have been spending my OWN money (thousands of it!) to keep LokiTorrent running for this past year. It was only recently when we began making our bills.. just in time for them to double from extra bandwidth usage. If there were so many who jump on the 'it's a scam' bandwagon every time we make a change or entertain curiousity, this website (and many other user supported sites) would never exist. I can't tell you how many people I've seen say 'That lawsuit is a fake, anyone can make up a bogus suit' Yeah, tell that to the MPAA. I'd love nothing more than to make that rediculous suit vanish. Write an article on that. Lowkee LokiTorrent.com
Phantasm66 said:
Maybe I should post a retraction on the front page??
Per Hansson said:
That is up to you, but it is a slow newsday so why not ;-)
Phantasm66 said:
[b]Originally posted by Phantasm66:[/b][quote]All of these sites are doomed. [/quote]Oh, and I don't mean that these sites are evil but I think that what is happening to them is.Maybe we should post some of the statement above on the front page?
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