IBM fights SPAM with SPAM

By Derek Sooman on March 23, 2005, 6:04 PM
IBM has announced a new anti-spam initiative called FairUCE that will not only block SPAM, but will redirect the SPAM back at the senders. The software uses a giant database of known SPAM senders, which is similar to the Blackhole and Whitelists that many businesses use to block SPAM. IBM then uses this technology to direct SPAM back at the senders; however there is a problem in making sure that the redirection is hitting the right systems. Often the SPAM companies compromise innocent systems and use the zombie computers to send the SPAM, as many SPAMs are in fact sent from botnets and things similar to that.

IBM says that they are not concerned about liability, even in cases where innocent senders might be misidentified as spammers, because all the technology does is bounce back the e-mails.

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xandork said:
so it screws the innocent twice as bad... which isn't really nice. **BUT** more often it bogs down the buger eating morons trying to sell me Viagra? Good trade to me :D
phantasm66 said:
I think anyone who spams gets what they deserve.If the MPAA can get sanction to DDOS P2P link sites, then I can hack into some nasty spammer's box and kill it.Except that.. well, that box is likely NOT to belong to the spammer either. Man, this whole SPAM thing is such a mess... something needs to be done. The internet is poisoned with this crap.
cbunes said:
Well, even if som 'innocents' DO get flooded with spam it should at the very least make them aware of the fact they are used as zombies... I say 'innocents' because whoever let their PC be wide open to attacks or gives spammers a chance to use them for their evil purposes really needs to be taught a lesson.
Eddy Rassy said:
It is about time Micrsoft does something about spam.I always asked why Microsoft does not create a patch that prevents anybody from getting into the windows registry. When the spammer hijacks your web page, he is actually residing into the registry.I hope the antispam by MS will destroy the sender's registry completely.
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