Sony launches PSP

By Derek Sooman on March 24, 2005, 8:03 PM
Sony has launched its PSP portable entertainment device. The new PSP is everything that a PS2 is and more - and itís portable. The device has a 4.3 inch screen that is capable of displaying 16.77 million colours at a resolution of 480-by-272 pixels, and can do all sorts of cool tricks like play music and movies, and talk to other devices via wi-fi.

The console went on sale in Japan in December and Sony is hoping to sell 3 million of the devices there and in the U.S. by the end of the month before it goes on sale in Europe and around the world.

Critics, however, are a little skeptical of the device, claiming that its hard-drive memory and its use of a proprietary disk system lets it down. Nevertheless, the PSP launched to thousands of expectant fans - many of whom had queued for hours to get their hands on the device.

"This is all about expanding the market to the older gamers and anyone who likes entertainment." - Jack Tretton, executive vice president of sales at Sony's U.S. games division.

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Julio said:
I got one today although I haven't had enough time to really play other than just for a few minutes. The screen is really THAT nice looking, it definitely was justified hype. Overall the device feels pretty solid and would seem like Sony's got a winner on their hands... we will see.Anybody else got one today?
Mikael said:
No, I didn't go out and get a PSP today. A few stores in the Bay Area had people wait over 24 hours to get a PSP! If I wanted to get one, I would have gotten a Japanese version when they were first released.I guess handhelds simply don't excite me too much.
Phantasm66 said:
I saw one on the TV, and even there the screen totally amazed me.
werty316 said:
I am not really too keen on this. I heard the batterylife is horrible because all of the juice is used during scantimes but I could be wrong. Still looks cool I like the glossy finish.
vfxraven19 said:
I got one on midnight of thursday @ Gamestop. Been playing it ever since, I love it. I loaded up some MP3's on it (have 2x512MB mem stick duos), and even did some test videos and works great (used a free open-source video converter somewhere mentionedon psp.ign). Ridge Racer and Twisted Metal are great games. And the battery life? I got about 7 hours on mine, it's supposed to be shorter when viewing UMD movies.
tomrice32 said:
Yeah the battery life doesn't look great, but I think it's the screen that drains it. If you lower the brightness etc on your screen it lasts longer. I havn't got a PSP yet and doubt I will get one. It's a great console, looks really smart and everything and has awesome features, but I'm saving up for a PS3 instead. PSP just seems to cost so much to me, its going be somewhere between £150-£200 (I'm in UK obviously), and to get a decent amount of memory to store things that's like another £100. It just doesn't seem worth all that when PS3 is on it's way. For those who really want handheld gaming though it's definitely the best one out and if you can afford it great!
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