GMail set to expand

By Derek Sooman on April 1, 2005, 2:54 PM
Google is set to expand its free e-mail service. It will be doubling the capacity of its GMail, allowing users the option to use up to two gigabytes of e-mail storage. Now that really is something, if you consider that we had hard drives of that kind of size only a few years back.

The upgrade comes one year after Mountain View-based Google introduced the service, prompting rivals Yahoo and Microsoft to boost the capacity of their own free Web mail services.

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javairishboy said:
hmmm, are you sure that isn't just another April Fools' joke like their Moonbase Plan last year?... We know we were all fooled by that, but more free space? Get outta here! And have you noticed the counter at the bottom of your mailbox goes up as the counter where you sign in goes up? /me scratches my chin thoughtfully
jos said:
[b]Originally posted by javairishboy:[/b][quote]hmmm, are you sure that isn't just another April Fools' joke like their Moonbase Plan last year?[/quote]It's not an april's fool joke, this is what I see at the bottom of my inbox: You are currently using 156 MB (10%) of your 1641 MB, although it's not 2 GB yet, but it's been increasing all day.Actually Google April's Fool joke is the Beta release of a new drink called Google Gulp ( ;) just check the little text at the bottom...
mockzero5 said:
url not found jos, and its still friday, but if u go to, the google april fools is that the story is going to be "Infinity + 1", all the storage you want (infinite), +1MB..[quote]A Google approach to math. On the eve of Gmail's one-year birthday, our engineers were toiling away furiously. Notes scribbled all over the walls. Complex calculations on napkins and empty pizza boxes. Millions of M&Ms.The result?... starting today, we're beginning the roll-out of our new and top secret Infinity+1 storage plan. The key features are: Write, don't worry.You want to stop caring about storage. We want to keep giving you more. Today, and beyond.The gift that keeps on giving.1798.406593 megabytes of storage (and counting) for every user.No complicated equations. No tough algorithms.Just this one graph: Gmail turns 1 today. And we've always loved a good joke. We know we won't reach infinity, but check out what we will do ...[img]
Mikael said:
I am not sure whether or not this is an April's fool joke. "You are currently using 84 MB (5%) of your 1814 MB."
Julio said:
I think they are not joking about the 2 GB... although then again I have filled less than 10% of the first gigabyte during my first year of use.
jos said:
That's weird mockzero5, the URL works fine to me.[url][/url]Anyways you could search for Google Gulp if you want, and about the 2GB I still think it's not a joke.
---agissi--- said:
hey we get more then 2GBS!!2052 MB in my accnt :) btw mockzero5 was me, i was at his house and forgot he was signed in :D
exlaval said:
Stupid question - Where's the registration page to all those gyga, tera sizedemails.ain't nonemight as well be an april fools joke
---agissi--- said:
haha, Gmail is in beta testing, so its invite only, and u get invited by others with an account.It used to be you had 5 invites (everyone with an accnt had 5) but now that its about to come out of beta testing, they've made it 50invites per accnt (and 50 more for people already with accnts) so everyone /w gmail has TONS of invites.If you dont know anyone with an accnt, or want to save some time, just get one from this site, which is pretty cool:[url][/url]
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