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By Derek Sooman on April 27, 2005, 1:17 PM
Seemingly, Firefox's browser share has increased again. A new report puts its share at 8.69 percent, which is a healthy increase of 0.24 percent since February. Apple's Safari browser is also seeing its share increase; the browser is now up to 1.26 percent of the browser market. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still commands an 86.63 percent share, but has fallen 0.65 percent since February.

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smtkr said:
Since I switched completely to linux, I am one of many new firefox users
pikaj00 said:
i use firefox almost exclusively in windows 2000 and linux. been using firefox since 0.7 or so.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
0.24% could be just a statistics error.
phantasm66 said:
Well, its all nonsense really, isn't it? But it does show that some browsers are starting to make at least some kind of a dent in IE. But really, we will never get a real move away from IE until programmers get off their fat arses and bother to make their web applications work with it. I've seen loads of sites with java / php / asp / stuff behind them not working properly in anything but IE. Its not because these other browsers are crappy, its that programmers have not properly catered to them.
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