RIAA sues 725 more file sharers

By Derek Sooman on May 2, 2005, 10:07 AM
More lawsuits from the RIAA have emerged. This week, the association is targeting 725 file sharers for copyright infringement - illegally distributing copyrighted music on the Internet via unauthorized peer-to-peer services such as KaZaa, eDonkey and Grokster. The litigations were made in several US states, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. This new attack on 725 file sharers brings the grand total of people sued by the RIAA since September 2003 to a jaw dropping 10,037 people.

RIAA Watcher writes:

These lawsuits must be moneymakers for the RIAA or else they wouldn't have gone on for so long. But will they become a standard feature of our online society for years to come? Or will the RIAA give it up some day? I mean, given that there will always be some file sharing, at what point does the RIAA say that it's won?

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Strakian said:
It's kinda like the war on terror... when are we ever gonna kick back and say "We did it, we beat terrorism."... Never, it's an impossibility.
phantasm66 said:
How long before Bittorrent2+ or something comes out, with technology where users can't be traced?
Mikael said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote]How long before Bittorrent2+ or something comes out, with technology where users can't be traced?[/quote] I think that saying users can't be traced is kind of like when the Titanic was supposed to be "unsinkable." Whatever new technology comes out to protect users, I think the RIAA will be able to find a way around it.
jos said:
I don't think the solution is a new technology to become 'untraceable'. I don't think P2P is gonna stop. RIAA should stop ruining student's lives and start working on a new business model.
Electrick Gypsy said:
Are they going to pick on the untold number of people that borrow music CD's from librarys and copy them next?What about all the movies that are hired and copied too?
phantasm66 said:
I don't think that the RIAA will ever stop, though. There's even been legislation passed recently making their jobs easier. Perhaps we need a technical solution as I say.I do agree with the different business model, and in an ideal world this is exactly what I would be pushing for. But in this day and age, we live in a world that is ruled by profit and big business. No one is on the side of the consumer anymore. That's why I don't think you will get your new business model. I wish it were not so.
JET673_311 said:
Why has "Ares" not been targeted? Most if not all use other means of file-sharing. Did "Ares" find some loop hole?
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