Dell would love its PCs to run Mac OS X

By Derek Sooman on June 17, 2005, 3:11 PM
Just yesterday we were discussing Apple's move to Intel, and how we hopefully will get the ability to run Microsoft Windows operating systems on Macs. But what about the other way round - Mac OS X on a PC?

Dell thinks that itís a great idea, and would just love to run XP on its machines.

The goal, of course, is to get Dell PCs running Mac OS X. The reasoning is there's only a short step from Intel-powered Macs to Intel-powered PCs running Mac OS X, now that Intel chips are making their way into Macs. As it stands now, however, the OS is only supported on Mac hardware using the PowerPC.
However, it does not seem likely. Apple are still firm in their decision to make Mac OS X run on Apple only hardware.

"Apple has no plans to offer Mac OS X for personal computers from other manufacturers," said an Apple spokeswoman. "Also, a flip side of that, Apple has no plans to sell or support Windows. Mac OS X will only run on Mac computers designed by Apple."

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Spike said:
It makes no sense for apple to allow OS X on non-Mac machines.As long As Macs are the only machines capable of runnng all three of the most popular desktop OS's, they have their own little corner of the market - or quite probably a far larger corner of the market than they have now - If ther intel based Macs are in the same performance range of non-Macs that is.
iGrouch said:
I think Mr Dell needs to take care of his own Windows junk and leave us Mac users alone.
sanza1961 said:
Why wouldn't Apple want to distribute it's OS X for PC use? Are they happy with their own *little* corner of the market? Are they afraid of combating OS X against Longhorn?I loved Apples ideas but in the end I went with conformity. There were so many more open doors in a PC and having used TRS-80's, and Atari's and Amiga's over the years I was tired of sticking up for the 'little guy'.I'd be first in line to try OS X though. Instead of all new hardware I'd only need to buy some software to see what the fuss was all about. Look what's happened with the browser wars. Does anyone even remember them? Once IE became king it sat and began to stagnate until JUST recently. Sure Longhorn is looking interesting but until there's a viable alternative to a Windows based PC, Microsoft will do as little as possible to inovate it.I have no complaints about XP. I thinks it's Microsofts best OS to date but I also think that a face off between OS X and Longhorn would make for some great OS features. Bring it on Apple. There's a bigger world out there just dying to try your OS.
kraugie said:
A couple of reasons mac wont do that. One, they are a hardware company and make money from hardware more than software. Two, OSX will lose alot of stability by supporting all the hardware Windows does.
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