How id Software lost its crown

By on July 12, 2005, 7:08 AM
Although the topic has now been visited a million times, I still found this worth linking (let's say I share the dissapointment). Veteran animator and frustrated gamer, Steve Bowler, touches on the topic why id Software's latest first person shooter is far from being the game to own.

Yes, I jumped. I was scared. And then I got tired. Tired of having secret panels open behind me after Iíd already cleared the room of any possible beasts from hell, only to get clawed in the back. Who knew demons were capable of such stealth and chicanery? Hey, maybe Iíll open this door and--surprise!--hereís yet another instant 25 hit points removed from my health because an imp was waiting patiently for me to open a door. This isnít gaming. This isnít the Id I know. This is scripted nonsense.

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vfxraven19 said:
Yeah, Doom3 got boring... Then it got even more boring as I got farther... then eventually, I stopped playing it. Big mistake for me to buy it when it was released.
Julio said:
I never got past the 3rd-4th level... too boring. I also felt buying this game was a big mistake, compare that to Far Cry which was released earlier with 1/4 the hype, and ended up being one of my favourite FPS of all time.
Phantasm66 said:
Well, I am not one for games in general unless its UT2004, but i never even got Doom III to install on my Pentium 4-3Ghz 2GB RAM Geforce 6800 machine. Some software problem, not drivers and the usual stuff I tried that. Never even bothered getting to the bottom of it, so I can't really comment, having never really played the game properly.
HermosaBeach said:
I bought, played and liked Doom, but I agree, it certainly was not the Doom of yesteryear. Rather than running around as fast as you can screaming, in this version you sneak around slowly waiting for the next monster to jump out the closet. I also miss the running into huge rooms full of monsters and jumping around like crazy to avoid their "balls of fire". Now you rarely get to fight more than one at a time and if there are more than one, you are in a small room with no place to run.Though I played it through once, I doubt I'll play it again. Contrast this with UT2004 which I play several times a week :)
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