Longhorn gets a name, Windows Vista

By Derek Sooman on July 22, 2005, 7:54 AM
The next version of Windows, which will replace Windows XP as the dominant Microsoft OS has so far been known by the codename "Longhorn", however its final name has now been chosen...

Windows Vista logo

Seemingly, Microsoft unveiled the name in Atlanta on Thursday at the company's internal sales event. The company is expected to make the official announcement of the new name later today.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the specifics of a "Longhorn-related" news announcement slated for Friday morning.

Longhorn Beta 1 is widely expected to be unveiled next week. Beta 2 is due in the first half of 2006. Microsoft officials confirmed on Thursday the final release is still on track for the latter half of 2006.

Funnily enough, back in February we reported that Microsoft had chosen the name "Microsoft Windows e-XPedition" for Longhorn. Either this was a wind up, or the name has been abandoned in favour of the new name of Vista.

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---agissi--- said:
That is... the stupid name. Cant believe they chose that.
Phantasm66 said:
Neither can I. I think "Vista" used to be a kind of kitchen roll sold here, or maybe it was toilet paper.
Soul Harvester said:
Yet another reason I am thankful I do not use Microsoft products :D
Phantasm66 said:
It completely sounds like they were stuck for a name, and decided on this one as the one that they hated the least.
Phantasm66 said:
read an FAQ on Vista here :[url]http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-5672671.html[/url]
dragonpac said:
umm Longhorn was a lot better
Mikael said:
Am I the only one that doesn't really care what Microsoft names the OS?
Nic said:
I thought it was a sh*t name when I saw it this morning. Funny thing is, its started to grow on me, and now I even feel myself starting to like it! Yes, I know that's hard to believe, but the name 'Vista' is short, has a nice shape and conjures up grand views with real depth (3D accelerated desktop anyone?). It will grow on you, a lot, trust me, and it's certainly a lot better than the term 'Windows', which we're all used to hearing and quite comfortable with now :=).
---agissi--- said:
Yeah why not call it Windows Longhorn.. thats a great name!
Spike said:
[quote]Rather than having to remember the single folder where something is stored, users will be able to put documents in any number of virtual folders.[/quote]errr, aren't all folders on a computer virtual even now?[quote]Among the features in the OS are security improvements, some snazzy new graphics, and a new means of searching and organizing information.[/quote]Is that what passes for a new important step forward in the OS world? snazzy new graphics and a way to search your hard drive that's a little quicker?
zephead said:
i get it! it's like the vista cruiser! you can literally cruise the vistas!!!
kraugie said:
Big deal, Its just another wierd name for another (probably) shitty OS. I'm mean what's in a name anyway? It's like, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Actually I hate the smell of roses, but you get the point.
Nic said:
Windows Vista IS an important step forward in the OS world. Finding good, well written, information that will spell this out clearly is the main issue here. It's a far bigger advancement than going from Windows 95 to Windows XP. Both do the same job, but one (Windows XP) is clearly much better than the other. Trouble is most users can't see beyond the surface. I think you'll all be VERY surprised by what Vista actually delivers and the technologies it will enable. Just look at the way 3D accelerated graphics changed the face of computing. All a graphics card does is paint images on your screen, right?
Nic said:
Think of Windows Vista as an 'enabling' technology (i.e. it will enable a host of new advanced, exciting software to be developed). Don't expect Windows Vista itself to be exciting. 3D graphics cards aren't exciting, but the software they enable to be developed IS very exciting, and each advance in 3D graphic brings about more exciting software (i.e. better games).
kraugie said:
Decent point i guess, but that still has nothing to do with making a big deal out of a stupid name.
Julio said:
I don't think anyone should jump into conclusions how good the OS will be, it's barely hitting beta now.In the other hand, looking at Microsoft's background history, Win98, 2000 and XP weren't that bad for its release time... the problem with all Windows OS is that it serves many different purposes to an audience 50 times larger than any competing OS.As for the name, Windows "Vista"... I guess it's ok, like someone mentioned, it will grow on us sooner or later, or can't you remember how awful XP used to sound? ;)
Spike said:
Thanks for that Nic - it's nice to finally know what it's all about.
bijoy_1984 said:
Yeah, What a mess of a name. Din't they really get any other name. Maybe it's b'coz Shakespear has said "What's in a Name???"
Secondgunman said:
I like the name, Longhorn made me think of Longhorn cows and some sort of farming control software. Vista is a better name for an O/S, even though I do not realy consider the name of something when buying it; I consider the how it works with the system I am running and will be running as well as the needs I have and will have in the upcoming years... They could name it Billware or Pinkcat I would still use it if it did what I need. THE real question is, will it be an over priced, pile of errors and a system hog. or will it work as a power-house O/S? That and how will it run older games programs and even newer games programs, and software?
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