Yahoo IM: Grayware?

By Justin Mann on September 5, 2005, 8:27 PM
It's an increasingly hostile desktop world. Aside from the spyware and malware writers constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate your system as much as possible (We're looking at you, CoolWebSearch and 180Solutions), even friendly legit companies such as Yahoo and Google have to duke it out for space on your screen. Yahoo's latest update for their Instant Messenger suite is taking some flack for its default configuration options. The latest update, which comes as 'Highly Recommended' to existing YIM users, defaults to installing various tools including Yahoo's Anti-Spyware and Anti-popup software, their Search toolbar for IE, alters your home page and changes the default search engine for the machine. It isn't that this is forced upon YIM users that is the problem. You can still un-check the options when installing, as YIM Spokespeople have stated. It's the fact that it is so aggressive in getting their software onto your desktop that has caused some to be concerned.

Remember, though, that's the price a for-profit company like Yahoo needs you to pay for a service like YIM. They have to justify to their pocket-lining investors their reasons for a free product, and perhaps the next version of YIM, including the free home-invasion cam (just kidding) is what it will take.

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smtkr said:
Just use gaim/trillian.
spywhere said:
Justin, 180solutions doesn't look for "new ways to infiltrate your system". Their software is installed through 3rd party distribution channels, some of which are fraudulent. They are suing the bad distributors that they catch - more information can be found in the press release area of their website. It's true that there are some bad players out there, but it's time to stop the hype and hysteria, and recognize that there are some players like 180solutions and Yahoo who aren't trying to sneak into your bedroom at night to get you. Good luck on the hostile battleground of your desktop.
Soul Harvester said:
You can claim what you like, 180solutions produces a misleading product for misleading reasons. There is nothing good about them.Read some of these:
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