Swiss Government switches to Linux

By Derek Sooman on December 14, 2005, 8:05 PM
Novell has announced that the government of Switzerland plans to migrate 3,000 of its servers to Linux, utilising Novellís SUSE Linux operating system. Apparently, the government of Switzerland was attracted to Linux on grounds of its operational efficiency and cost. The value of the contract has not been disclosed.

"Linux has been gradually introduced into various government departments in recent years, but this is the first formalized procurement process regarding the introduction of Linux at a federal level," said Jurg Roemer, Delegate for Information Strategy of the Swiss Federal Government.

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Strakian said:
You have to hand it to Linux, slowly but surely they are definitely creeping onto Microsofts turf. I even think Microsoft has started to worry about it, though I can't cite any specific examples off the top of my head. I know the stories are out there though...
omer718 said:
This is going to give Microsoft less court cases against monopoly. But im pretty sure there getting nervous about it.
spike said:
When a company starts loosing an effective complete monopoly to its competition, you know said company is doing something wrong, or is deciding to pull out of that part of the market.
tarun123v said:
Linux is slowly but steadily making it's mark in the world of Microsoft.As there r great Players supporting it like IBM As we all know there is least amount of resource's required to mantain, it highly stable than Microsoft's OS which requiries many updates.I am sure the dream where any normal Computer " Will work like our home applainces where we use it for specific purposes and we don't always update or maintain it day to day as it is required for Software(Operating System)"
DragonMaster said:
Windows is not bad at all once patched. I still prefer Linux. The most unstable OS I've found so far is MacOS X. Yes, it's also based on Unix but you have to restart as often as with Windows. And often some apps don't want to close so you have to restart.
mentaljedi said:
I don't know much about Linux, but its pretty famous about its stability which is a good asset. Microsoft needs to watch itself but it won't be worrying (It should be!). Linux probably will one day jump into the market just like how the PS2 suddenly took ahold of the whole gaming market (Not all but you get where i'm going). Never underestimate the underdog!
lordbf1 said:
microsoft is good but linux is better. i also think linux performs better the microsoft on lesser hardware. with microsoft you alwasy have to have more ram and faster cpu's before you can install the newest os.\lordbf1
iantony said:
This is probably a wise move considering they already have staff in place who are experienced with Linux (because of the previous investment in Linux). There are hidden costs associated with such a move for people who do not, for example the cost of retraining people.[Edited by iantony on 2005-12-15 16:27:24]
Mictlantecuhtli said:
So, according to TechSpot, they're "planning to" switch?[quote]Novell said that operational efficiency and cost were the key reasons the Swiss government moved its servers to Novell's SUSE Linux operating system.Novell Inc. Tuesday announced an agreement with the government of Switzerland to convert some 300 to 400 of its servers to the company's SUSE Linux operating system.[/quote]So they moved already, are going to convert, or are planning?Make up your minds.Anyway, I've seen too many similar cases where in the end they decided to stick with Windows after all.
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