RealNetworks launches RealMusic

By Derek Sooman on December 15, 2005, 2:27 PM
RealNetworks has launched a music and video Internet broadcast service called RealMusic, which will feature services such as music downloads, ringtones and a range of user-generated content, whilst providing a natural evolution from the company’s earlier offering, RadioPass. Some 300 channels are available, with music mixed by Real's global team of music editors. There is a range of free stations to choose from, in addition to a £8.50 a month premium service.

The download service prices individual tracks at 99p - more than the iTunes 79p standard - and albums at £7.99 a pop, which is more reasonable. But there are no tools for synchronising your downloads with mp3 players and other devices.

TonePass, giving access to the ringtone service, costs £4.99 a month.

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iantony said:
Are they out of their minds? That's way too expensive for what they are offering. If they're seriously trying to compete with ITunes they should be offering individual tracks at a similar price level. Apparently less people are using iTunes now, far less than should be from Apple's point of view, considering how many iPods have been sold. Looks like the majority of people are still either ripping their existing CD collection, or going for the illegal downloads. Even with such an awesome player as iPod, the well crafted iTunes store, and the facility to sync your downloads with an iPod, Apple is not getting the growth in profits they would like from the online music store. Makes me wonder if the people at RealNetworks actually even bothered with a business plan when they embarked on this venture.
MarkSizzle said:
True dat! They definitely need to match the prices of Itunes or they arent gonna get anywhere. And I highly doubt that someone is gonna get enough ringtones to make that monthly amount worth paying. I do like the idea of the online radio and quite frankly the rest of the ideas; its just they need to fix their pricing if they are gonna go anywhere.
cyrax said:
I'm sorry, i never trusted anything out of real networks. remeber real player taking over stuff? spam and the sorts make this still the worst thing in existance. Go itunes!
tarun123v said:
Real networks will only give very less compitition to iTunesbut there is one big disadvantage to both iTunes or any company selling mp3 songs online,according to the recent survey people r not found of buying music instead they download it for free from LimeWire,KaZaa etc P2P networks the people are not able to remove thier habit of Free Music
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Would the files be in RealAudio format? If they would be in MP3, would they be DRM'd?
mentaljedi said:
All my friends use P2P or rip of CDs. You can get top quality music for free even if 79p is pretty much nothing. Real networks has come in too late and i certainly wouldn't use it, not for the price they're talking about! I seriously think they need a new approch, maybe find something apple has missed rather than missing stuff out themselves. i.e. no tools for sync!
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