'Classic' Doom 3 1.0 available for download

By Justin Mann on December 16, 2005, 1:01 PM
If you were one of the gamers that was disappointed by the release of Doom 3 or it's expansion, you may be encouraged by this very well done large fan mod. And if you liked Doom 3, you may like it even better with this fan mod. The first 1.0 release of “Classic Doom 3”, a Doom 3 remake of the classic game Doom is now available on a variety of mirrors, made available last week. After having some time to take a look, I was impressed by what I saw and found it worth my time to play.

It has been in production and available as a beta for a while, and now is considered ready for the masses, totally free (assuming you own Doom 3 of course). It features the original 9 maps from Episode 1 of the original, single player and deathmatch modes, a redesigned soundtrack and an up and coming co-op. There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux, though the most updated version is currently Windows only.

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Kev_Boy said:
So these are the levels of the old Doom created for Doom 3?I knew someone started development on that, I really dug the idea... nostalgia nostalgia ;)I just de-installed the game though, dang it, oh well.. I'll check this out when I do my computer upgrade then after christmas.
MarkSizzle said:
Yes they are the old levels. I think this is a great idea and dont know why id software did not do this. They could have made some money... I mean look at how many people are downloading it and its obviuosly significant if its on techspot lol. Now I just hope they do this eventually for all the versions of doom. People would love it.
Eleventeen said:
I dont play Doom 3 as much as I used too, but all these expansions want to make me play it more. This looks like a really cool thing those people made. Heck, they could probably make alot of money off of it if they wanted to. Too bad Im on dialup and it will take about 183572453 days to download it. Ah, oh well.
Subservient said:
*Yoink*Thank god! I just had a conversation with my buddy about how kickass it would be for the classic levels to be remade. w00t... I pwned j00
cyrax said:
I downloaded this version 1.0 not too long ago. Amazing, simply amazing. It is faithful to the original doom and contain some wonderful cinematics. Id should have contracted these guys to do doom3.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I hoped it would have been as bright as the original as well, not like Doom 3.
jomondo said:
What a cool idea. I cut my teeth on that oldie; it will be a blast to run down those poorly lit corridors killing imps once more!
Bartzy said:
Doom 3 will not be my first choice when it comes to a FPS game, but just for that nice mod I will play the game again :)I still remember those freaky levels with those 20-pixels-monsters :P No doubt it will be refreshing to play those levels again with the breathtaking graphics in Doom 3.cyrax: If those guys had made Doom 3, maybe it could get closer to Half-Life 2 gameplay ;)
nimo333 said:
I also have seen some screenshots or video of Quake 2 played with Doom 3 Engine and was pretty cool.
mentaljedi said:
These people who make mods should make a company and sell em for really cheap rather than for free so that they don't have to rely on donations. I mean, just $1 would be enough!
Tedster said:
tried to use the mod twice. Couldn't get it to work
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