Apple runs out of stock on iPod Shuffle

By Justin Mann on December 19, 2005, 3:31 PM
The various incarnations of the iPod are obviously going to be one of the hottest ticket items as a gift this year. The Shuffle, a low-cost alternative to the much larger capacity models, is one of them. For those that waited until now, though, you'll have to wait even longer as the 1GB version of iPod Shuffle is plain sold out. Until “mid-January” according to, no more will be available, though the smaller 512MB version is still in stock. Of course, if you wanted to look for older models you certainly could, though that kind of stems from the “must buy new” philosophy. It's probable that Apple simply couldn't manufacture enough, as it's unlikely that huge vendor would want to miss out on the tremendous holiday sales potential. Within the next month or so, Apple has said they will be releasing even smaller versions of the iPod, “smaller than a pack of gum”.

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Bartzy said:
The problem with the shuffle is that it is not a "low-cost alternative". Maybe its cheaper than a iPod G5 or a Mini, but it's very expensive for a Flash MP3 player up to 1GB. MP3 Players like Sandisk Sansa series or iAudio G3 & U2 is cheaper and better. First, they have a LCD screen, a MUST feature in MP3 players these days. Options for search and ordering by artists, songs, albums etc are also very important.So why people even buy it ? I would definetly prefer to get a Sandisk sansa m240 over a iPod Shuffle 1GB. Probably because it is an "iPod". A gimmick, nothing else.
Subservient said:
Yeah, the regular iPods are the lead on the market for sure... but the shuffle just sucks. 1GB is alright for space, but theres no Screen and no special features. Boo Apple!!
Eleventeen said:
Seriously, I dont get why so many people like this product, let alone it being out of stock. Its just plays songs at random, which can get annoying... atleast for me. I guess Apple has the most money for advertisement and people think this is the only good mp3 player around for the price, which is pretty expensive. There are plenty of better ones that offer more things such as an LCD screen, a radio, calenders, date/time, almost everything you need for about the same price.
DragonMaster said:
Why would people buy an iPod Shuffle? Simple : There's the name iPod. Call anything iPod that is supposed to play music and they will buy it. They think it's the only portable player apart from Sony Discman and Walkman.Apple products seem to be unreliable and pricey, and I can't see "Apple White" anymore; it's EVERYWHERE...Oh and DRM is %#!?[quote], a radio,[/quote]There's no such thing on any iPods? Sigh...My CD/Radio/MP3 portable player has infinite space muahahahahah! (Just depends of the amount of CD/R/RW you can bring with you!)
CrossFire851 said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]My CD/Radio/MP3 portable player has infinite space muahahahahah! (Just depends of the amount of CD/R/RW you can bring with you!)[/quote]Yea but the whole idea of mp3's is that it more portable and connvent,sure you could bring your cd player and a couple hundered cd's but like a said its more portable and convent.owning a mp3 player are usually cheaper.
flavin said:
i wonder if all those people know that theres only a play buttong on that. and its only function is SHUFFLE. i would totally hate that
mentaljedi said:
its the ipod brand. PLus, i think parents can't be bothered to get anything that sounds like "SOny x/643156462 1GB etc..". Seriously, these products have such wierd names. Ipod 1GB shuffle is just more appealing than all that. Its marketing, thats all. Nothing complicated.
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