Club3D offers midrange X1600 XT based card

By Justin Mann on December 20, 2005, 11:01 AM
Club3D is placing another card into their lineup, this time a card designed for middle of the road budgets. With a core clock of 600MHz and using 700Mhz for memory, Club3D is releasing a midrange card based on ATI's X1600 XT reference. It is using the same 12 pipelines, the “slower” 128bit bus and including things like Avivo, the card is a pretty standard entry that doesn't deserve too much fanfare, but it's good to know when midrange cards become available. These cards are of course CrossFire-cabable, but whether or not there is a Master card version isn't told.

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vigilante said:
Seems to me, if it's using the latest ATI technology, it still aught to be a pretty fast card. "Mid-range" or not.
Bartzy said:
It is not the newer version ATI declared few days ago with a 256bit and higer clocks. In this price range I would prefer a Nvidia 6800GS or a X800GTO2 from Sapphire (which can be opened to 16 pipelines and provide similar performance like a X850XT).The X1600XT with a 256bit bus is a different story and then with a reasonable pricing I would consider it as an option.BTW - I dont think X1600's need a Master card to work in Crossfire. Look at this link: [url][/url]
Soul Harvester said:
[b]Originally posted by vigilante:[/b][quote]Seems to me, if it's using the latest ATI technology, it still aught to be a pretty fast card. "Mid-range" or not.[/quote]Remember that terms like "low end" "entry level" "mid range" and "high end" are all relative terms; even if a card is faster than anything you could have picked up in 2003, it is still a mid range card compared to what the market currently has to offer. PC hardware is ever evolving.
Subservient said:
This looks like an alright card, but im pretty sure they need a mastercard to work in Cross-fire.
Chamot said:
A slightly faster version of this card, sitting somewhere between this and the 1800XL both price and performance-wise would be what I'd like to have personally. I like the features of these x1k's but it's hard to make the decision to get them based on these advanced features, when the lack of horsepower will not allow one to use the nice high quality AF or adaptive AA, for example.
mentaljedi said:
i love how technology develops. but its plain annoying for people who have to update every few yeras just beacause it gets out of date! *SIgh* Oh well. Better take something out of my future pension!!!
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