Microsoft focuses on security with future products

By Derek Sooman on December 20, 2005, 3:21 PM
Keen to push Windows Vista as the future answer to all of our Internet security woes, Microsoft has been demonstrating the next generation operating system's updated version of Windows Defender, formerly known as Windows AntiSpyware. The software offers better detection and removal of spyware and malware and an improved user interface.

Additionally, Microsoft is working on an updated version of its firewall software that now features bi-directional filtering, and has demonstrated technology that better detects and warns about spoof websites.

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DragonMaster said:
At least this time it doesn't seem to be fake announcements.[quote]now features bi-directional security[/quote]IMO They are a bit late on security. Why do they start to implement basic security if there are already a lot of (free) software available that have had all of these features for years?
PanicX said:
Haven't we heard this before? Wasn't XP SP2 supposed to be the great security patch? While there is no doubt in my mind that an SP2 system is more secure than a non SP2 system. If you visit WindowsUpdate after a fresh SP2 install, you'll find around 32 security updates, 32!It's my opinion that Microsoft only knows "security" as a marketing term and not a practice. Hopefully they'll find a dictionary and figure it out.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Microsoft sucks at security IMO. They should leave it to companies like LavaSoft and Mozilla for anti-spyware and safe browsers respectively.
nimo333 said:
Hey, I'm confused here, there is Windows Vista and Longhorn? What's the difference between them?
Chamot said:
Longhorn was the development codename of Windows Vista; like Whistler was to Windows XP.
DragonMaster said:
Why Lavasoft? There is better "FREE" software out there.
dbuske said:
It is amazing that MS hasn't paid attention to security in it's OS. Even in the upcoming OS they had to restart the project, because again they weren't making it secure enough.
Bartzy said:
Microsoft AntiSpyware is actually quite good. It keeps my computer clean from spyware (if it's updated) and I need to scan my computer with Adaware and Spybot very occasionally. The only problem is that it makes quite an heavy load on the computer and the Mem usage. If they'll fix that, I will be happy :)About Vista being secured - lol.
nimo333 said:
Adaware is not good and if you always see messages, it's because spybot creates fake files and adaware thinks that it's bad cookies, trojans, or whatever. So, all you need is spybot, immunize all the time, use spyware blaster with it and check in Tools the stuff too in there. As for reg files, spyware doctor is pretty good. All is left is windows hidden folders and locked files that cannot be detected, but to delete bad trojans off C:system restore Information folder or whatever the name is, disable restore then restore it later on.
mentaljedi said:
THe day Microwsoft make a secure system is the day Google releases a product that Microsoft is better than.
Nic said:
Unfortunately, security comes at the expense of usability, and a large majority of users simply don't know how to respond to warning messages displayed by firewalls and virus scanners etc.In the past Microsoft has always concentrated on user friendly design that is also simple for developers to write software for. Beefing up security inevitably results in increased complexity, and truth be told, Microsoft are making great stides in security, which is now a culture within the company.I have no doubt that in the next few years Microsoft products will be some of the most secure in the industry, but all this takes time. As a software developer, I have seen first hand what they are adding to their developer tools and software, and security is definitely top of the list.
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