Lexar Media to add Google apps to their USB flash drives

By Derek Sooman on December 20, 2005, 4:00 PM
Lexar Media Inc. is to add Google applications, including a toolbar and search function, to its USB flash drives. The new drives will be available starting in January 2006. The company claims the move will make it easier for customers to find data on their drives.

"While these popular applications have traditionally been available on the Web directly from Google and other Web affiliates, offering them on a Lexar JumpDrive provides a new channel to reach customers," said Steffen Hellmold, vice president of USB flash drives at Lexar.

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nathanskywalker said:
Wow! Can you say MoNoPolY? Google is really on a roll, wherever you look, google seems to be expanding, which i personally don't mind. Google is defininetly the best search engine in existence. On a flash drive, i think that is a good idea; however, the google search engine does not really encourage you to organize your files, as you generally do not need to. sounds good though.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Another feather in the cap for Google. Way to go guys
vigilante said:
Lol. Sounds cool. But I agree they should build in a certain level of organization, in addition to, searching. Rather then missmesh files with a good search engine.
PanicX said:
I can't say this makes me want to purchase a Lexar USB drive. I'm not a fan of anything that tries to automatically install software on my PC. Not to mention that space is limited already on flash drives, its not like theres much room to get lost in 1Gb of data.
Eleventeen said:
Yeah really, If I wanted to put very low quality AVI's on the flash drive, I could only fit about.. 2? Probably not even. Wouldnt really need to search for that. I think what they should do is put the Google Toolbar and such on a CD so the user has an option to install it, so if the user doesn't want the software then they can just leave it be. I dont know, never bought a flash drive, maybe they are already doing this and it doesn't get the consumers attention.
Bartzy said:
Lexar is trying to stick out when all the companies who provide flash drives like PQI, ADATA, Sandisk and Corsair are giving us quite the same product.It's a nice idea, but it's not good enough. Not everybody wants it or even needs it in their USB drive. If I'll want to install Google Toolbar, I will just download it from Google. Every computer today is connected to the Internet anyway...
asphix said:
Yeah, it screams gimmic. I hate addon toolbars anyway, and last I checked most people who have those toolbars either a) dont know they have it, or b) dont know how to get rid of it.I cant honestly say I have ever met or known a person who was happy to have a toolbar be it yahoo or google on their computer (who knew it was there) so how is this supposed to sell the product to me?
sngx1275 said:
Maybe they mean stuff like Picasa and Google Earth.
mentaljedi said:
Lexar are just trying to use Google's fame. It probably went like this:LExar: Can we bundle with your software?Google: Uh-hu. Watever. Now, what was i doing? Oh yeh, the new Google OS!LExar: YEh, Google and me are partners now!Google: What's this racket? Security!
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