Seagate to acquire Maxtor in 2006

By Justin Mann on December 21, 2005, 11:00 AM
In a recent press release, Seagate and Maxtor announced that Maxtor as a company will be in full acquired by Seagate. After a stock transfer, Seagate will own all of Maxtor's facilities and use them to keep a position as one of the top HDD manufacturers in the world. Taking place over the next year, the transition will leave just the Seagate name, meaning one less large competitor in the HDD market. Of course, the PR speak from Seagate alluded to only good things, with the acquisition being able to further promote development of the company's products. We can assume that Seagate will wish to continue marketing Maxtor's products in one form or another, though for sure this will impact both companies product line and what product is available on the shelves. Read the full press release at Seagate's website.

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smtkr said:
The stock was up ~50% today. I wish I had seen that one coming.
asphix said:
50%?? WOW! I'll second that!And this right after hearing about Segates new hard disks, the 500GB using 4x 125GB platters and the 160GB using a single platter!
cyrax said:
seagate acquires maxtor.hmmmm......i wonder if this will be the redemption of darth vadar or the tradgedy of darth plauguis. Maxtor hard drives are some of the worst. Maybe seagate can bring in some form of quality control.
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by cyrax:[/b][quote]seagate acquires maxtor.hmmmm......i wonder if this will be the redemption of darth vadar or the tradgedy of darth plauguis. Maxtor hard drives are some of the worst. Maybe seagate can bring in some form of quality control.[/quote]Yeah! go Seagate! Why they would want maxtor, well i agree, they are not the best hard drives ever to hit the market. Oh well, seagate is at least one of the best, so let'see what they can do.
Masque said:
If they can utilize "their" technology using Maxtor's facilities, the ability to get deeper into the market would be phenomenal. I think you'll see at least a 30% greater market share for them within a year.
mentaljedi said:
Most likely this will be a Death Star. Looks great, everyone loves it oh its so powerful, but its own overconfidence and size will create an imbalence which will only need one little push to make the whole thing collapse. Those two are polar companies, this may turn ugly. Watch out for that shockwave!
nimo333 said:
Interesting, I thought Maxtor was already a part of seagate as seagate got split into maxtor and some other companies a few years ago!
PanicX said:
I've always classified Seagate as being the best quality drives on the market. I've also found Seagate drives superior to maxtor drives in everyway. So the benefits of this merger can't really be in Maxtor technology. Perhaps they'll end up aquiring multiple OEM contracts through this merger that will allude to larger profits. Thats the only benefit I can think of.
Bartzy said:
WTF ? I hate Seagate.Actually, I don't know exactly why. I had several Seagate HDD's and all weren't functioning properly after a while.Anyway, I guess they got better by now any you can see it in the reviews. Despite this it's a shame that there will be one less competitor in the HDD market. I hope Western Digital will fight back hard :)
vnf4ultra said:
I wonder if they will continue the separate lines, or merge them. I guess they could continue with separate lines, but have the maxtor line improved to be more reliable. My seagate is much quieter than my maxtor, plus it has a 5yr warranty.
DragonMaster said:
I've got a lot of noisy Maxtors and a couple of them are working bad. I even saw 2 Maxtors that were dead when I got them. As for my one and only 400MB Seagate, it died for no reason.But, my WD Caviar SE 80GB SATA I is dead silent (Even with no fans, the PSU transformer makes more noise than the HDD) and I had no problems with it.
Subservient said:
I'm not a big Seagate fan, but I support this movement 100%. Maxtor was just crapping up the market, now that Seagate has control of Maxtor's facilities maybe they can improve thier products and make me a fan of Seagate. As of now, I'll stick with Western Digital. I also have a Caviar 80GB SATA in my computer and I can't hear it at all. For me, noise is an important factor. That's why i'm not a big fan of Seagate. Most of thier HDDs are pretty noisy.
Eleventeen said:
I really hope Seagate can straighten out Maxtor, which they really need to. Merging with them is a really good idea, Would would be a nice improvement. I bought a Maxtor hard drive and it ended up blowing up for some odd reason. I have had a Seagate hard drive and its been working for 4 years and counting.
Chamot said:
I don't think there will be any straightening out, they'll probably just take over the resources and 'phase out' the Maxtor brand from the market.
otmakus said:
Maxtor years ago acquired a complete crap brand Quantum, and it became a crap brand itself, now Seagate acquired Maxtor, hopefully it doesn't become crap itself.
PUTALE said:
yeah, i hope that with the accquition, seagate will keep up the standard and combine the technology and produce better drives.
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