ATI releases Catalyst 5.13 WHQL drivers

By Justin Mann on December 21, 2005, 1:41 PM
After being available in beta the past few weeks, ATI has released the WHQL certified (in other words, final) version of their Catalyst 5.13 drivers. If you own a newer Radeon card and are much of a gamer, they will probably interest you. There have been multiple bug fixes, several with multiple displays, as well as some Crossfire performance issues. The numerous multiple display issues have been an annoyance for many, but they are getting ironed out. They are a pretty hefty download as usual. You can get the drivers from ATI's support page.

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dbuske said:
I have them loaded on and they seem to work fine. I was also using the beta 5.13.I still can't figure out why the CLI program (ATI CP) needs to connect to the internet. Zone alarm reports it uses 2 ports.
Bartzy said:
Those bug fixes usually don't interest anyone. The performance boosts promised are not right at all at most times. Anyway, sometimes there are important fixes, so it's nice that ATI continue to release new drivers every month.The download issue is not so bad - ATI's servers are very fast and you should download it in no time :)
abc said:
Has ATI stopped supporting the control panel? I can't stand the CCC. At least they have finally added the World of Warcraft VPU problem as a know issue. However late they may be.
PanicX said:
In the "[url=
vo.html]A closer look at AVIVO[/url]" article, they claimed AVIVO support would be available in this driver package. Anyone have an AVIVO capable card that can comment on this?
Subservient said:
My friend downloaded the beta of this driver last week and automatically had to rollback. He said he was getting horizontal lines across his monitor and he had to decrease his resoulution to 800X600. I'm surprised because normally ATI's drivers are flawless or close to it.As far as I know, they didn't include the AVIVO support in this driver. Maybe in the next.
MonkeyMan said:
Well you know, i've always been a Nvidia fan, since their FX series, but I'm glad that ATI is ironing out the bugs. As for the drivers, I'm sure that Nivida and ATI are the same in that the WHQL drivers are certified, and the beta drivers aren't. I found that the beta drivers (Drivers that have been modified, but not certified) have worked better on most of my video cards than the certified ones. However, you are taking a risk in using the beta drivers, because they are not certified for compatibility with your system. However, I've never had a problem with any beta drivers, including the 66.93 modified driver i'm using right now. But, hopefully with the release of this new driver, there are no compatibility issues like artifacts, and blurred lines through and above the screen. But well, I guess that remains to be seen with this new driver.[Edited by MonkeyMan on 2005-12-21 23:10:33]
dbuske said:
Their is a version of AVIVO available that can be used any any ATI card.
Masque said:
Just in time......I need to look up the game fixes. I'll be reloading my machine this weekend anyway (around Christmas) to clean things up. Funny how it all seems to get away from you. I'll post my findings when I do...mainly from a BF2 angle.
mtyson8 said:
What??? I just downloaded 5.11 at end of Nov. Now i realize 5.11 had been out. Now i downloaded 5.12 just yesturday and now the next day 5.13 is out??!?!?! Also, what is OVERDRIVE, and howcome its not on CCC for my card?
AnthonyK said:
On the ATI download page they have a link for Mac drivers, they are updated for models such as the Mac Mini, for all you Mac Mini (and maybe other Mac) users too. 4.5.7 is the latest as of the time I post this. You can check in System Prefernces, ATI Displays, About.
mentaljedi said:
I use Nivida, but i'm glad that ATI is fixing any problems. This might pressure Nivida to do the same, if there any porblems too which i'm not experienceing at the moment.
brownpaper said:
These work great! I used to have crashes with the 5.12 Cats but with the 5.13, things are running smooth. I just hope AVIVO will work with the older ATI cards.
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