Texas Attorney General expands case against Sony

By Derek Sooman on December 22, 2005, 6:07 PM
A number of new allegations that reflect harm to consumers who purchased certain CDs from Sony are being added to the Texas against Sony lawsuit.

In his latest allegations against the music giant, Attorney General Greg Abbott invoked the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The Attorney General alleges the company's "MediaMax" technology for copy protection violates the state's spyware and deceptive trade practices laws.

Consumers who use these CDs are offered a license agreement, he argued, but even if consumers reject that agreement, files are secretly installed on their computers that pose additional security risks to those systems.

The Attorney General contests that additional ways in which Sony deceived customers keep coming to light, and that thousands of Texans are now potential victims of Sony. Don't think you've heard the last of this - itís set to explode.

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PanicX said:
The amount of backlash that Sony receives for these practices is awesome. Hopefully the music industry will take notice and decide against automatically installing DRM software.
nathanskywalker said:
kers-Again.xhtml[/url]yep, uhuh, woops...
dbuske said:
So much of this spying goes on from software from companies. A big one is toolbars. Google, yahoo and all of them spy on the computer user for advertising use.The government really needs to crack down on this.
MonkeyMan said:
This is very unfortunate, I would like to see some companies come to an agreement, rather than take each other to court over these things. I would first try to come to an agreement, then a resolution, to prevent a big fiasco such as this from happening, but I'd like to see a positive outcome.
asphix said:
Its nice to see Sony being held accountable for its errors. Lately it seems like their products are less reliable than ever, with their consoles breaking quite easily and issues like this DRM its a wonder their name isnt completely tarnished.Dont get me wrong, I dont think they're a horrible brand... yet. But to say I dont think of Sonys reliability and good intentions toward its customers with a grain of salt would be a lie.I hope this heat will knock them back on track in terms of how they conduct business both through product quality and customer services.
osram said:
dont forget the minidiscplayers on whose you couldnt even record a mix in your devastating mixing-bunker, get home and upload them to your computer. no.sony castrated your artistical freedom and implies a copyright magic cate software lock on the music you mixed yourself.. with the reasoning that you could possibly rip music by recording it the analog way onto your sony device.. and then uploading it to your computer by the highly elaborated, fast-transfering and never-failing software called: "sonic stage". (welcome to hell.) instead of using realjukebox cd-ripper software, or one of a trillion other, and easier ways.exceedingly userfriendly.reminds me of politicians running around in big-head mode talking about theories far off from reality.. with money looking out of every single orifice.probably even a hardly neurotic sociopath has merited less being in a psychiatric sanatory than those few people making decisions for the rest of the world.returning back to the topic of sony and their glorious minidisc marketing; for uploading your own, produced music onto computer you have to wait for some indian freak to hack the magic gate after about 2 years time, and then with some nifty hacks performed on your NET-MD.. you were finally able to upload..by that time you have already bought a high-quality flash-mp3 player, and the net-md was broken due to low quality months ago.by the way: since the sony support department moved to some corporate company executing the customer-support, also for several large companies, which makes this task actually nearly impossible, you can wait for any answer about any badly-produced or programmed sony device until the world has gone. the responsable sony-employee would rather come to your home.. have sexual intercourse with your own mother.. and leave again unnoticed, than processing the ceiling-touching piles of paper and call you back. (maybe)Now it is December 2005. Sony is already spying on their own Customers in absolutely rude form.. and this is only the tip of a huge mountain just reaching out of a enormous pile of poo.I really wonder where this will end..Wodsefak?! Nazis are still alive??!?!The only suitable conclusion sentence coming to my mind right now.. is: "God bless America." -.-
barfarf said:
Great another class action law-suit. Grant what sony did was wrong but how much of problem was it really? I mean i would hate to see joe-blow sue sony $1 million dollars just to get money for his $500 dell acting up. To me it look like sony did the right thing although a wee bit late. So how much should they pay for?
mentaljedi said:
These cases give me headaches. Why can't these companies just concentrate in the benefit of the consumer, rather than on these stupid things? IT agrivates me to no end. Trust, when i get my multi-billion dollar company up and running, there will non of this dishonesty! Watch this space...
mirob said:
Sony has not fixed this yet, and wont. Thay have lied, lied, and are still lieing. I have not found it in one of my computers yet, but I've riped more than a dozen Sony/BMG disks. CDs I payed for.I don't want any thing to do with Sony.
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