EU threatens Microsoft with penalties

By Mikael Hoffman on December 26, 2005, 2:28 AM
Last Thursday the European Commission threatened to fine Microsoft more than $2 million per day until the company agrees to share more technical information with the competition. Microsoft will have to respond to EU's latest request before January 25th. If the actions taken by Microsoft do not satisfy the demands of the EU, the daily fines of $2.37 million would start from last December 15th.

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Handyman said:
Microsofts yearly reveniews are about 45 billion dollars.It is definetly not their best interest to give more accurate "documentation to work group server competitors that allows them full interoperability with Windows PCs and servers." This would give the users more flexibility to choose between operating systems. Maybe Windows on the server and Linux on the workstations.More info at [url][/url]
mentaljedi said:
okay. lets say they don't listen. Thats about 850 million a year. compare that to the 45 billion and though doesn't seem like much, its a very big blow.But go EU! Threatning to give fines is defintly a funnier change from just sueing them.
otmakus said:
Maybe Microsoft calculates that paying the fine is still better than to risk losing its firm monopoly. They're on the process of squeezing the competitors out of business and can't back down their pressure even a little.We can expect Microsoft's lawyers fighting to the end and drag this decision for a long while to come.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
What's the use? Most of Microsoft's products lag behind their competitors at the moment(IMO) so there's no point in asking them to help others. They won't do it anyways, so thats another point.
Bartzy said:
I thought Bill gates earns something like 2 million a day... pennies! :)Seriously, 2.4M $ per day is a lot of money, even for Microsoft. But I guess they'll get out of this without paying a penny.How EU can fine or threaten Microsoft ? Some company sue Microsoft again ? Where all this money will go ?
MonkeyMan said:
For one, I'm going to be very agressive about this one, but its true. The European Commission does not have what it takes to make this happen. Microsoft can win this easily, and besides, why would Microsoft give competition to a competitor? I just don't see that happening. Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world, and I'm sure they are taking the European commission's threats very lightly. I'm sorry to say to the European Commission, "Good luck in taking down one of the largest companies in the world, because it would be nothing short of a miracle if you do." BTW you've just go to love Microsoft!!!!!!!!
nimo333 said:
When you say 45billion for Microsofts yearly reveniews. that's before paying their workers and of what the company spends on, and since they have a lot, it will affect them if they deny EU's request.Btw, EU is not trying to take down MS because it would be stupid and unefficient, but they are simply trying to gain some control over MS and try to help other companies through giving them a larger opportunity to become truly equal competitors to Windows.
mirob said:
This is stupid, Microsoft makes the best product, lightyears from linux. Why does it even need to be compatible? You want linix, use it. Apple too.The EU is lining it's pockets with MS's money once again. Like I said in the fourms, they might just want KFC's recepie too. What is the EULA anyway? This is copyrighted material, not open source. Microsoft works hard on Windows every day. The EU can stick it, go get'em Bill. Ms could just pull out and still sell it on the net.Open the code and malicious programs will come from everywhere, this is bad for most of us regular users. Even if they did pay the fine it will come out of our pocket to the EU. That wont help linux much eather. Money hungery....[Edited by mirob on 2005-12-26 20:12:24]
Rod_Massoudi said:
I believe this is either a futile attempt to impose governmental power on such a monopolistic corporation like Microsoft or a very savvy attempt in attaining higher governmental revenue. I mean, it's so counter-intuitive for Microsoft to give up their edge. Microsoft has among the most sophisticated R&D centers in the world - taking elites from China, India... etc. and using them as think tanks. EU knows this and they know that Microsoft will most likely not retract themselves from Europe and not share their technical information just because their gross income from Europe is far more than $2.37 million a day. By imposing this fine, the EU will undoubtedly make a good chunk of change off of Microsoft. What the EU is essentially asking from Microsoft is like asking a monopoly like DeBeirs to abandon their diamond deposits in South Africa, otherwise they'll be fined some petty amount.It's essentially asking: Would you give up a mountain of diamonds to avoid paying millions of dollars, when you know you could increase the price of your diamonds to compensate for the fine and your profits? Of course not :)
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by mirob:[/b][quote]This is stupid, Microsoft makes the best product, lightyears from linux. [/quote]Uh... What?Perhaps my definition of "best" differs from the rest of the world, but as far as I know, Microsoft products are often inferior to linux products in many respects. [url=]MicroSuck[/url] details nicely many of the finer points of Microsofts short comings.Don't get me wrong, I use Microsoft products everyday, there are some advantages with Microsoft software, but to say they're lightyears ahead of linux is just rubbish.
nimo333 said:
I agree PanicX, for in linux there is even a program that has a list of possibly all linux programs that you can download and install for free. As for Windows, you have to search and look for programs which can take a life-time to do so + some of them don't even work right.
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