Samsung intros 400GB ultra-quiet drives

By Justin Mann on December 26, 2005, 8:23 PM
Samsung has upped the capacity of its quiet line of HDD, giving us the quietest 400GB drives available currently. While other vendors are going after the speed and size crowns, there are quite a few users who need systems that produce little noise over other things. The review is pretty detailed, although the key points are how the drive is a 3-platter design and yet remains at the same level of nosie as previous models, The performance, while not lackluster, isn't going to be winning any contests, but for people doing audio recording or other noise-sensitive applications, it may be a perfect fit.

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vnf4ultra said:
I wonder how this drive's noise level compares to a seagate, as seagate's are very quiet. I've never used any samsung drives, are they any good (reliable)?
Rod_Massoudi said:
I can't really tell how the noise level compares to that of a Seagates, but I think it's relatively low in that its the "quietest 400GB drives available." Also, from what I've heard, Samsung Drives are reliable, but I'm putting my money on Western Digital just cause of their crazy good reputation.
cyrax said:
Samsung is an excellent company for quality.However ive been using WD for 7 years now and the have NEVER failed on me.I'm interested in the pricing for this product.
---agissi--- said:
I just bought an 80GB Maxtor "quiet" drive.. previously I had a maxtor 30gb which was quite esstentially silent. This Samsung drive is the loudest hard drive i've ever owned, or even heard. Its quite appauling really. I'll never buy a Samsung again.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
I had a Samsung 40 GB drive that suddenly died 8 months after I bought it. It started clicking and I would get BSODs and the PC would reboot. Then it would POST and then at the Windows XP logo, it would freeze and the drive would start clicking. Needless to say, I got a Seagate 80 GB as a replacement and its been working fine ever since.
PUTALE said:
samsung used to have problem I think but I think they are getting better. 400gig is a huge drive. I think all my HD combine is not even 400gig:).
harib said:
you are right PUTLE they are getting better nowdays
Handyman said:
Samsung has been trying to make quality hardware for the last couple of years. Now that Maxtor will die next year Samsung drives will become more common. I've always appreciated quiet drives and I've never had anykind of Samsung hardware fail on me(HDD or RAM).More info at [url]
otmakus said:
WD is famous for its quality, Seagate for its overall performance, Samsung for its quietness, and Maxtor for its low price (albeit low quality). After Maxtor gone, which one will take the position as budget HD? And how about Hitachi?
mentaljedi said:
I say that Seagate will proabably go for lower prices because that's what always goes with the word "overall".
asphix said:
Are regular drives really all that loud? I mean I know there are some particular no-name brands that are horribly loud. But segate, WD (now segate) and Maxtor were never so loud for me to notice them.I cant imagine a normal hard drive being louder than the noise of someone typing on a keyboard. If you are doing anything at all, the noise wont reach your ears. If you are so sensitive you need complete silence, I'd think you would need ear plugs to get along with every-day life.Seems a marketing pitch to me. Or a shot at a niche market I'm unaware of. Noise levels are something to be wary of.. but not something to base your design around. Keep it under a certain level, but don't develop for low noise at the cost of other important areas.
Bartzy said:
Maxtor has great products and I don't think it's good only because of its low price. I have a WD 80GB 8MB ATA, and for my opinion it's doing more noise than it should. Despite this, I'll still buy WD next time. Even though Seagate is better in the overall performance, and Samsung is quiter, I'll still buy WD, just because it didn't disappoint me once.
brownpaper said:
The more quiet computing can get, the better it will be on my ears. My computer is way too loud with my case fans humming along. otmakus, i usually hear that seagate is associated more with silence than performance. My 250 GB Seagate hard drive is fairly quiet. It is much quieter than my 120 GB WD hard drive.
PUTALE said:
I have owned maxtor, WD, seagate and for me I think they are all about the same, and fairly good quality. I think it's true that maxtor is a bit loud but I can't say that their HD is all bad.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I have currently 160 and 250 GB Samsungs in my PC, they're both quite quiet, about the same as my old Seagate Barracuda IV.[url=]R
commended HDDs from[/url]
OmniWraith said:
Give it 4-5 years and all hard drives will be completely silent with super dense platters and insane read speeds...making this thread all but obsolete (hopefully our crazy comments won't still be here in 5 years.)
nimo333 said:
Samsung Drives are too expensive; however, it's nice to know that they are good.
DragonMaster said:
Samsung really better for audio recording?I tried my WD Caviar SE 80GB SATA which is not the latest thing available alone with an old 100w fan-free PSU and the PSU transformer buzz was covering about all the HDD noise. Just a little white noise - outside the computer case.In a good silent computer case you wouldn't hear it. And anyways, you never/should not record in the same room as the computer. The HDD might not change much things since it's noise would be covered by at least an other fan.
realblackstuff said:
In a few years' time harddisks will be replaced by solid-state devices, that have no moving parts at all, hence they will be absolutely quiet.Until then, use whatever sound-dampening material you can find with a good harddisk.I like Seagate Barracudas for now, because they ARE quiet.
Kaleid said:
I go with the Seagate's too. While they are not at the top for overall performance they give that good performance/sound/price ratio that I find important.
Azzido said:
Can't wait to put my hands on one of these!
tonkyboy said:
I use a pair of Maxtor HDD's, and an Ultra Quiet PSU. The loudest noise from my PC is the Fan on my CPU heatsink.I agree with realblackstuff, if you have a noise issue, use some soundproofing until the solid-state devices are out.
mpgrimes said:
Well i dunno what everyone thinks of maxtor and seagate. THe last little while maxtor and Samsung have been the better quality drives. just a little while ago Seagate took over Maxtor. Wonder whats going to happen to quality there
netholio said:
In reply to asphix's quote "Seems a marketing pitch to me." it really is important to find a nice high quality very quiet drive if you are building an HTPC, as loud clicking and constand drive whining would be irratating during quiet moments of any movie or show. I have owned most of the major brands over the years, and have experienced crashes from them all. (Conner was the worst - hehe) I've chosen Seagate for my recent purchases because of low noise and a 5-year warranty, but was a WD fanboy previously. My Tivo has a 135GB Samsung in it - the only noise I hear from that system is from the cooling fan. (I can hear the drive reading/writing if I get up close to it though - heh)
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