AMD loosens Intel's grip on China's computer processor market

By Derek Sooman on December 28, 2005, 8:43 AM
AMD has been making further inroads into mainland China's computer processor market, loosening Intel's grip. Tsinghua Tongfang, the mainland's third biggest computer supplier, has confirmed reports that they are to move their systems to using 64bit Athlon X2 CPUs. Seen in the past as a loyal partner of Intel, Tongfang was the last of the mainland's big three PC companies installing only Intel CPUs.

"The cooperation with AMD will expand our product line and offer our customers more choices," Zou said. "The cooperation will also help Tongfang cooperate with major upstream companies and use the latest technology in our products. It will maintain the advantage and creativity of the company."

Tongfang will continue its close cooperation with Intel.

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mtyson8 said:
This is just good for the china market, i think just for it to offer them more choices. I think though, that most people might stick with intel chips. Good move by Tongfang.Man, this is a hard discussion to not say what has already been said in the article!! I'm trying though!...
luismigilbert said:
i think computer suppliers are tending to reduces costs.. and AMD has great performance and well quality...that could be why they are moving to AMD...
PUTALE said:
I have to say, it's not just the market share. Current amd cpu is really much better in the price-performance ratio. Intel really has to watch out for amd. It's really making grounds in almost all market (except mobile chip I think). Though isn't a few days ago there's news that amd has trouble finding packaging material for their chips:).
mofoed said:
Great compitition means better products for us. I hope this keeps up and must make Intel a bit weary of the news.
thrudd said:
Go AMD .... just dont get full of yourselves eh.(my new work notebook is an AMD) =)
asphix said:
I've been an intel man for the past 4-5 years. Before that I was AMD. I'm about ready to switch back and see whats on the other side of the fence. I agree, AMD has been doing great lately and its excellent to see them start to pull some market share from Intel.I really like Intels products, but their pricing is horrible. They need to stay compeditive whether they want to or not. AMD will surprise them if they keep releasing products at a higher price point delivering similar if not slightly lower performance than their compeditors.Hopefully their latest deals with Apple wont feed their ego and sense of secuirty. I really want to see AMD become a more overt (in Intels perceptions) compeditor to really drive the CPU market.
mentaljedi said:
Good. China IS a communist country (you can't really tell though) so you'd think these american companies would be scared to move in. Bush better not be watchingor he'll get angry and starta nother war. Go AMD!
PanicX said:
Ah geez... Just when I thought I had an advantage on all the chinese gamers out there. It'll be a lot harder to pwn now!This is great news for AMD though. They've made huge in roads with OEM suppliers and while they don't have as much market share as Intel yet, they certainly have weight in the industry. I can't help but wonder if this is at all related to the recent lawsuits by AMD against Intel's monopolistic practices. Food for thought.
Bartzy said:
"It will maintain the advantage and creativity of the company."Sure. There are like 10 big companies in the whole world who sell only Intel based computers. But this company is very creative, they are selling AMD too now. Wow, AMD !!!So what's the point here ? Everyone is saying the China will be the next technology giant, but If they will continue being conservative I think nothing will happen.
Handyman said:
China is a booming and dynamic economy , so I'm not surprised. So, who's next? Dell maybe? :) Sadly winning over the OEMs is just as important as making better products at a lower price. AMD has been playing smart for the last couple of years. They introduced the 64-bit technology which made every geek with some foresight buy their product. And also with AMD full throttle is available with single-threaded applications.
DragonMaster said:
I REALLY doubt that Dell is bright enough to have anything else than Intel.
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