nVidia cancels C60 and moves forward

By Justin Mann on December 28, 2005, 4:09 PM
By far and large, Intel's own chipsets for the Pentium have been oft been the best fit for a long while. The first nForce4 chipset for P4s was impressive, but for raw performance Intel's own is king. There were various issues with the C51 revision of the nVidia chipset that prevented it from being able to storm the market like nForce4 for Athlons did. nVidia is working hard on that, though. The C60 revision was canceled, and they've recently acquired Uli as we've heard. Now, with ATI partnering with Intel, nVidia has their work cut out for them. Whether or not canceling the chipset was a good idea remains to be seen, but nForce for Pentium is still something many enthusiasts would like to see.

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PanicX said:
While I'd take an AMD / nVidia system over an Intel / ATI system anyday, from a business stand point, nVidia needs to ramp up their Intel chipset, and be sure that whatever they release, is better than the ATI counterpart.
Skyfrog said:
If you're going to have an Intel processor anyway it seems silly to not go with an Intel chipset. The processors aren't all that great anymore, the chipset is the best part of the deal. Of course competition is good, anything to help make Intel lower their ridiculous prices.
Crofty74 said:
The trouble with news like this is thats it difficult to know the real reasons for the cancelation of C60, I would have to go with the idea that it was a strategic decision but I dont know if I feel that kind!
kokomen said:
Nvidia follow the same way as the other companies did. They try and always stuck behind Intel chipsets... But why? Maybe we have the reason over this lines, (skyfrog lines). Its easier to run intel on his own... though Nvidia knows how to make the things change. Just see the VIA chipsets in Amd platform.... lets see what will happen.
PUTALE said:
nvidia is really ambitious with their plan to make a good intel board. I think it's a smart move now that even apple is using intel's cpu. I am sure that nvidia has something in it's plan for intel chips, but I think nvidia may still need to work it out and fine tune it. Maybe the newly accquired Uli can shine some lights.
asphix said:
Like crofty said, there is probably more to the surface. If it was just that they would rather jump a generation and focus on making a really powerful and well made future one I think they would have leaked that to the press.They're being pretty curt about the issue though, which makes me think there was SOMETHING else going on that they dont want the public to know. Manufacturing problems.. or who knows. They do need to step it up.. ATI + Intel is a strong combination especially considering Intels market share.
luismigilbert said:
i hope they work hard on this chipset...
MarkSizzle said:
I agree with the first comment. In reality nVidia/AMD systems beat ATI/Intel but this article is about the buisness. Buisness wise nVidia looks to be screwed out of this race, but who knows maybe they will come out with some industry dominating chipset and surprise us all.
mentaljedi said:
Its a strategic desision i think, cos i think they are working on something else and probably wants to move its investment into that rather than into the C60. Then agin, nVidia could have just screwed up...
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