eMagin announces wearable iPod video headset

By Justin Mann on January 2, 2006, 6:36 PM
Of course, what would 2006 start off with other than more iPod gagdetry? eMagin Corp has gone beyond their usual market to produce a headset for the 5G iPod, with the ability to display video. Of course, it covers only one eye and looks almost like something out of a sci fi flick. Supposedly, it is similar to watching a 105 display from 12 feet away. It staggers over the iPod in price at close to $600 and is going to be made available in the summer of this year. Who would plunk down $600 for a wearable video headset though? Well, some might, but despite this devices novelty and perhaps future use, that steep of a price tag will keep it out of the hands of most. An interesting peek at things to come.

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nathanskywalker said:
h, sorry, to much money for me. Anyway, i don't like macintosh hardware, to incompatible.If i had money like that i would prob spend it on something like...this[url]http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp
category=213&subcategory=214&product=13599[/url]course avoid those little earphones for either... [url]http://www.geeknews.net/ipod-earbuds-damage-hearing/[/u
cyrax said:
As interesting as this gadget is, I can only surmise that will pass like most fads.That price will make the everyday person think twice before shelling out that kind of cash.
otmakus said:
That price tag is just silly. Only the most hardcore (and rich) fashionistas would consider buying this earphones. And I don't consider walking around with a small screen in front of my eye hip.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
However expensive it may seem, it does looks cool, somewhat like the thingy Snake wears in MGS 4.(assuming u've seen the posters for it)
MonkeyMan said:
Great Technology. This is going to be very useful to most ppl, because there are many ppl that use headsets, to listen to Music, videos, etc. Great job Emagin.
PanicX said:
Honestly, I can't see myself walking past some tool sporting that headset, and NOT slapping him up the backside of his head.
CrossFire851 said:
[b]Originally posted by PanicX:[/b][quote]Honestly, I can't see myself walking past some tool sporting that headset, and NOT slapping him up the backside of his head.[/quote]ROFL, (thats it in a nut shell)[Edited by CrossFire851 on 2006-01-03 03:28:35]
rahuls said:
No wonder with such kind of gadgets we are slowly but surely moving to the world depicted in movies like "Star Wars"
otmakus said:
The question is, will anyone really buy a 600$ headset? Except maybe some movie stars who will only wear it in a movie premiere walking on a red carpet.But this is a good start. Eventually, this kind of gadget will be much more affordable, and people will find it acceptable to wear it in public, instead of idiotic. It just isn't so right now.
mentaljedi said:
[b]Originally posted by rahuls:[/b][quote]No wonder with such kind of gadgets we are slowly but surely moving to the world depicted in movies like "Star Wars"[/quote]Yeh, except in Star Wars, they have holos! Does that mean they're illiterate cos they can't write? Just type? ANyway, this is great. I don't care how much teh price is but as long as we have it, i'm sure slowly slowly the price tag will drop. Perhaps by 2008.
flavin said:
i think its cool. i wouldnt mind having one if i was super rich. and SKYWALKER my grandparents got me that mp3 for christmas. it was well worth getting just one present.anyways eventually the price of those things will go down and there will be even cooler ones than that and plus thats probably really bad for ur eye but it does say "Supposedly" its like watching a 105" or 8ft TV from 12FT away. did any of u guys see this?[url]http://www.startsomethingpc.com/ViewEntry.aspx?Ent
yID=203&EntrantID=448[/url]now thats coolAND http://www.philoneist.com/50226711/concept_roundup.php you have to read this. Especialy the 3rd paragraph about the xbox360 car and its controller! That site has alot of cool stuff.[Edited by flavin on 2006-01-03 07:24:08][Edited by flavin on 2006-01-03 07:36:22]
Bartzy said:
So that's where we are headed in the next couple of years ? Wearing video headsets like weird people from Starwars ? Pff...Why anyone would waste his time to produce such a product ? It's completely useless. you can buy 2 iPods and 3 Nanos in 600$, and honestly, if I want to see movies in 105" screen (and bigger), I go to the cinema.
flavin said:
yea but bart u cant bring that cinema movie along with u in the car. thats the hole point of this headset. to watch ur PORTABLE movies on a screen that looks bigger than the 2.5 inch screen. i think the one and only bad thing about it is that u only get to watch it outta one eye. like i said before if i was rich id buy one even if it is only one eye
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