Skype and D-Link join forces to bring VoIP into homes easier

By Justin Mann on January 3, 2006, 2:35 PM
Skype has earned a lot of fame as being a premier Internet phone service. They are looking to expand and D-Link is helping them out. In a recently formed partnership, D-Link will be producing an adapter that will attach to a PC via USB that will allow you to plug any analog telephone into it and be able to make calls using Skype's VoIP services. While many people are attracted by the idea of free international calling, the overhead of having to buy new phones often scares many away. The DPH-50U will be available via D-Link or Skype and will retail at $70. With companies like Vonage and Skype moving to introduce VoIP to the masses, many traditional phone companies have responded angrily, some even to the point of blocking VoIP traffic. VoIP isn't going away though, and the easier it is to adapt into your home the more people will go for it.

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PanicX said:
Wait, so the overhead of buying a new phone discourages people from adopting VOIP, however, dropping $70 for an adapter will somehow magically make everything better? Sounds like nonsense logic to me.
PUTALE said:
it seems like VoIP has a lot of potential but it's taking forever for it to reach it's promises. I think we may not see VoIP until maybe like the second or maybe even third gen of this type of technology. Look at WiFi, it's not yet reach to it's potential yet and it's already gone through various updated in the specs.
Race said:
Putale: Nothing new there.......Isn't this the case with most, if not all, technologies? VOIP is progressing much like anything else would.A few of my pals have switched, and even now, the quality of the calls are excellent.
Soul Harvester said:
[b]Originally posted by PanicX:[/b][quote]Wait, so the overhead of buying a new phone discourages people from adopting VOIP, however, dropping $70 for an adapter will somehow magically make everything better? Sounds like nonsense logic to me.[/quote]Six of one or half a dozen of another. To some people, plugging a phone into a USB adapter is easier than buying a new phone altogether.
asphix said:
when you consider most households have a minimum of 2 phone sets (each usually costing around 50-100 dollars) having to replace them can be quite a turn off. Especially for familys who have 4+ phones or families with children.I dont see how this would be attractive to those people either, but it is a neat option, and having an option has never been a bad thing. Personally, I just use my cell phone for everything and dont bother with regular phones anymore (except for at work).
nathanskywalker said:
I like the idea, internet phone rocks!
DragonMaster said:
50-100$ per analog sets? Aren't they like 10-20$?VoIP doesn't seem really attractive. 1st, you need to have the computer on. 2nd, eats bandwidth.
exscind said:
People still use phones? My house phone is only there so telemarketers can bug me all day on products I don't need. Or even better, SBC wants me to join their calling program when I'm already in the same plan they're calling about, but I digress.But Skype is real; I use Skype on my computer very frequently and there is little, if any, difference than using a regular phone.For those who don't see the advantages, this new USB adapter makes it so you can call to another country for free (no international fees). For the regular skype call on the computer, user-to-user is free; basically, if you log into your account and call someone else in your buddy list, it's free (like aim or msn messenger). But if you use skype to call a household phone, you have to buy "time" from Skype. Apparently with this USB adapter, the charges will be free with the household phone, which is a nice touch.
rahuls said:
It would be success only if the quality is maintained with increasing use of the phone
otmakus said:
This adapter only enables us to use our old phones, instead of a headset, to work with skype, period. For calling a traditional phone, we will still be charged the same amount as we will be using a headset. This adapter is best suited for technology unsavvy people who get intimidated if they have to use computers. But then again, those people usually use normal phone, not skype. Another advantage of it is u can use a traditional cordless phone to talk via skype. But I think I'll stick with my headset.
mentaljedi said:
I love skype, god knows how they can keep it free. let's just hope it stays that way.
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