Apple, Disney expand iTunes video

By Derek Sooman on January 4, 2006, 1:08 PM
Aficionados of Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store are in for a treat – they will soon have even more video content to choose from. That’s thanks to a new television show partnership with The Walt Disney Co. Disney has said that it will provide new programs from ESPN, ABC Sports, ABC News and other channels. The new content will be available on the iTunes store as from Tuesday. All new shows will cost $1.99 per episode to download.

ESPN will begin making content such as interviews from its ESPN Classic "SportsCentury" series, and "Knight School," an upcoming reality show about Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight, available later this month.

Additionally, by the end of January, Apple will begin offering ABC content such as the 1970s "School House Rock" cartoons, segments from "Good Morning America," "World News Tonight," and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

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asphix said:
wow, thats infinitely cool! I rarely watch the news since I'm not a morning person.. but for 2 bucks you could download it to your ipod and watch it on the go? Sweet! I'm more of a fan of subscription services than a pay as you go type thing.It would be cool if there were a subscription service where it would automatically sync and download (based on your instructions) so all you do is pluck your device from its cradle and walk out the door.I imagine thats still a little ways down the road though :-) Cell phones with online access to streaming media would be ideal.
barfarf said:
Conjunction Junction, what's your function? How cool is that to see that old School House rock cartoon on your way to work? Asphix I like what you said about there being a subscription service that would auto sync or auto download to your ipod or other compatible device. As for s current news programs i think it would be great if they allowed free downloads. They could fund it by adding just a few ads (much less then TV) and only allow a limited number of free news program per user.
cyrax said:
That series brings back memories. $2USD is little to pay for something that is impossible for me to get now. That and the fact i love apple software.
Crofty74 said:
I dont really understand the whole video iPod thing, I find them about as useful as my old pocket TV, which saw the light of day for about a week before the novelity wore of, since the video iPod though I have seen the Bye Pod poster campaign quadrupal around the city.
Eleventeen said:
I'm not to big on watching the news or tv shows on a 2 inch screen or however big it is. Still, this is good news for me and alot of other people (alot). I do buy shows off this, but I don't put them on an Ipod, just keep them on my computer. What Itunes should try to do is make the video files bigger in image size. Although that would make the file a bit larger, it would be worth it. Oh well, first they need to build a bigger collection of shows and such, which seems to be going progressively well.
luvhuffer said:
I am watching this niche expand exponentially it seems. Everybody is jumping on this deal. I know Japan has had TV on their phones for awhile, but I would be interested in seeing some figures on what kind of numbers they think will want this. Of course I'm an old fogey and don't even have a cell phone. How much disposable income is out there to allow people to be buying this video stuff?
mentaljedi said:
As many would agree, its no big deal. Who wants to watch the news on a 2 inch screen? But these moves push technology, so even if something we don't want is realeased, the next thing in line may be a stunner!
Crofty74 said:
Movies and TV on my computer - I can understand that totally but yes I would want a better picture than iTunes currently provide but I agree its a step in the right direction at least, its good that someones at least trying.
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