French Police force switches to Firefox

By Justin Mann on January 4, 2006, 7:24 PM
The number of users ditching IE in favor of alternative browsers continues to grow, especially in the wake of continued security exploits found primarily to affect those using IE on Windows. Recently, the French Police force switched to Firefox. In an interview with 'Linux Pratique', a French magazine, a member of the force explains why. The move, affecting around 70,000 computers, also includes incorporation of Thunderbird as an e-mail client on 45,000 of those machines. While saying he does not support any particular set of software, General Brachet says that the featureset combined with security aspects of Firefox made it attractive to them. If you are interested in OSS, give it a read.

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nimo333 said:
It's about time for the police to switch to firefox.
xerowingsx5k said:
One of the smartest moves they will ever make.
nathanskywalker said:
Wow, uhuh, that took long enough. Kind of slow on realizing just how vulnerable I.E. is compared to firefox.[url][/
rl] ... loli have no idea what this says...
MonkeyMan said:
In French:Vous savez, Internet Explorer, a eu beaucoup de bogues au cours des années récentes. Vous devez regarder tous les virus, et tous les problèmes l'entourant, et il vous incitera seulement à chercher d'autres navigateurs. Firefox est un grand navigateur, et je ne pense pas qu'il y a jamais eu tous les problèmes avec lui. Grande police de Français de mouvementIn English:You know, Internet Explorer, has had a lot of bugs through recent years. You have to look at all the viruses, and all the problems surrounding it, and it will only make you seek other browsers. Firefox is a great browser, and I don't think there has ever been any problems with it. Great move French Police.* Just thought I would spice things up a bit, and give French lessons lol.*
rahuls said:
They should have done it earlier.Others can follow them
josh8519 said:
It is good thing that they switched to Firefox. It is much better then I.E. I think that most of the big corporations should make the switch to Firefox for security reasons.
zachig said:
Yeah, and I've heard that in the U.S, they're considering moving to "Donut Explorer". Hehehe :-)
iluvnug said:
And next it'll be Linux. I use Firefox as well. Down with IE. ;)
luvhuffer said:
OK First they say they want to ban freeware. Then their lower house passes a bill to legalize p2p programs. Now they are switching to a freeware browser. Personally I haven't been able to see what all the fuss is about. Firefox isn't that great. I'll stick with Deepnet Browser thank you.
otmakus said:
This only proves that IE is still the most widely used browser in the world. One major institution converted to Firefox and it makes news already. Firefox is the obvious better choice than IE, and it's only a matter of time before it overtakes IE as the most popular browser.
cyrax said:
Hmmmm, changing a browser is but a tiny move in the direction of improving their quality of service.
asphix said:
everyone talks as if there isnt a new version of IE due to be released in the next couple of years. As things stand now, if nothing ever changed, firefox would overcome IE. But we all know things never stay the same, and Microsoft wont sit around for much longer now that firefox is bearing its teeth. I wonder if microsofts next offering will be as good as many hope it will be.This is a very interesting move, and I hope it works out in the long run. I'm curious to see if the predictions that hackers will shift attention as popularity is further switched to firefox are accurate.
barfarf said: first i thought the article read the French police FORCED user to switch to firefox. I was thinking what a bunch a pricks to make people use firefox. hahah Too much french wine me thinks. Anyways, good move and little surprising since the french govt hates change.
John Smith said:
Maybe Microsoft will start copying Firefox features in order to stay afloat in the browser wars.
michelena2000 said:
I downloaded firefox and seems to be slower than IE. Is it me? Maybe I should move to France!
syncrod said:
maybe they should have moved to Opera :0
brownpaper said:
[b]Originally posted by zachig:[/b][quote]Yeah, and I've heard that in the U.S, they're considering moving to "Donut Explorer". Hehehe :-)[/quote]I thought they were going to switch to "Firepig". ;)
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Now, if companies & governments just made their websites less dependent on IE. Or at least stop saying the sites are "optimised" for IE.
mentaljedi said:
Nobody likes Microsoft any more. With the police switching from IE to Firefox, and the governments like Korea switching to linux, i think security will be a major issue in the new year.
Kaleid said:
Sacre bleu. When will Microsoft invade France? :)
Jesse_hz said:
And when they have invaded and left France only rubble ind IE will be left...
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