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By Derek Sooman on January 5, 2006, 12:43 PM
Motorola has unveiled a new version of its Rokr music phone but without the backing of Apple. The original phone was the first non-iPod device to allow song downloads from Apple's iTunes Web site. In its latest incarnation, it will be the first phone to include Motorola's new iRadio service. This service allows Internet radio channels to flow through car stereo systems. Whether or not this new Rokr music phone the new Rokr E2 will feature iTunes compatibility remains a mystery, but the original iTunes phone was greeted with lukewarm reviews, with users complaining of slow download times and a lack of song capacity. The E2 also features a Linux operating system that supports several formats for digital music.

The Rokr E2 will hold up to about 500 songs, 400 more than the E1. The E2 is fitted to handle removable SanDisk cards with up to 2 gigabytes of external memory.

The new Rokr will also come with a 2.0 USB cable, which will make for song download times of about three to five seconds, said Chris White, senior vice president of global product marketing at Motorola.

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CrossFire851 said:
Yea, I own a ROKR PHONE there are capped off at 100 songs so even if you were able to save more then a 100 you couldn't. Even w/ increased storage.
asphix said:
the iRadio service sounds like what would really sell this phone to me. The ability to listen to streaming internet radio on the go would be awesome.. the downfall (which would also make me hesitant) is the quality of that stream.And it has a linux operating system? Thats just plain COOL! Hows the input interface on this thing? thats usually what really turns me off about devices such as this. You need them small, but with the space saving design, practicality of the input scheme and button placement is sacrificed.
exscind said:
500 songs on this new Rokr phone sounds plain yummy. Glad to see Apple moving to another market other than computers.The iRadio service seems pretty cool too. And using Linux was a great idea by Motorola! It would be nice to see a picture of this phone. I don't care much for the physical features of a phone as much as the design (spacing, etc.) of the number-pad and the software interface. I never used a Rokr phone before, so I can't vouch for its speed. But for a phone to have to allocate enough memory to search for songs downloaded into the phone might be too painful? Especially when you have close to 500 songs, I can't imagine scrolling down the song list be lag-free - not to mention selecting the songs itself.
PanicX said:
For those that dont want to register for the Chicago Tribune, use this login:email - registration@mailinator.compass - registration[url=
he-rokr-e2/]Possilbe Rokr E2 photo (unconfirmed)[/url][url=]Another image[/url]Definitely looks like a cool phone. I'm still hoping that they get linux up on the Treo 650, but if I was to buy a new phone now, the Rokr would be a contender.
PUTALE said:
looks nice. these phone is just keep getting better. Too bad they are always so expensive. I gues for that price, i rather have a free phone and ipod:)>
Eleventeen said:
To tell you the truth, I'm not that much of a fan of cell phones, even with ones that can carry mp3's on them. I don't know why, but I never found the use in them. This seems to be going in the right path though, having songs and phone capabilities, even a radio, all in your hand at once. Glad to see they are turning away from Microsoft too, for the operating system. I'm sure it's expensive, but why wouldn't it be? It's basically an mp3 player and a phone, combined would probably cost more than this thing (I don't know the price, so im just guessing). I'll have to tell some of my friends about this and see what they think.
exscind said:
Thanks for the picture PanicX, the cell phone is not certainly how I imagined it would look. Nevertheless, it does look pretty nice.And as to the price, although a valid concern for some, I don't think it is that much of a big deal. These new phones are almost always expensive ($300 to $400 range), if you buy the phone by itself. But companies give crazy discounts when you sign up (or renew) plans with them. The Motorola Razr phone is a good example; $400 or so in price, but I got it for free when I renewed my Cingular calling plan.
CrossFire851 said:
YEA AND A THING ABOUT THE E1 IS ITS USB 1.1 I FELL LIKE IM USING A FLOPPY. Also the first ones have bugs in them that make you have to put the music on them right when itunes reconizes it... what a pain. One more thing system specs sux not fast enough prosseser and not enough ram!!I wouldn't mind oh much it cost( no more then 5 big ones) if itwere able to do anything ppl, if yur going to be get one of these wait for the E2 .
zachig said:
I still prefer using a decent mp3 player.
mentaljedi said:
Its good, i'll tell you that. I see this making many sales. Unfortunatly i can't afford that kind of thing but it;s definatly a step in the right direction and many people will like it as shown by all the positive comments.
fury said:
"The original phone was the first non-iPod device to allow song downloads from Apple's iTunes Web site"You mean, like, computers weren't even allowed to download from iTunes? :P
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