Samsung sales top $15 billion

By Derek Sooman on January 15, 2006, 6:15 AM
Things were going well for Samsung in Q4 last year; the company has reported that its fourth quarter sales in 2005 hit a record high of 15.5 trillion won ($15.6 billion), up 7 percent from a year earlier. However, performance for the whole year was down compared to 2004, with net earnings sinking 29 percent. Chu Woo-sik, Samsung's chief of investor relations, was still very optimistic, though.

"Considering that we spent more on marketing in the digital media sector and set aside 1.3 trillion won in incentives for our employees after scrapping stock options, our actual operating profit should be around 2.8 trillion won," said Chu Woo-sik, Samsung's chief of investor relations, in a meeting with reporters.

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smtkr said:
I think I saw something in a meeting at work last year about how the brand equity of Samsung was greater than that of Sony. Of course, valuing brand names is not a science, but it shows how far Samsung has come (remember when it was known for making low quality, low priced junk?).
paulwuzhere said:
I love samnsung. I am using a samsung CD-RW and a samsung 80GB hard Drive. I love them and I am glad they are making a few bucks!
Cy6erpuke said:
Agree! I love Samsung. TV, VCR, Washing machine and in my PC: Multi-drive, RAM, Hard-drive and 930BF 19" LCD (see review on techspot, under featured). Glad I could help with the profits. Go Samsung!
Phantasm66 said:
I have a samsung p28 notebook, and its solid as a rock.
PUTALE said:
interesting. I have not seen much of samsung's product. I guess they are selling other stuff besides the things that we see on the store.
MonkeyMan said:
WOW!!!!!! Samsung is a monster!!!!! They produce top of the line products, and I've always been a fan. I'm looking forward to your software, and electronics lineup for 2006!!!! Great job Samsung, and keep up the good work!!!!
exscind said:
Samsung is a jack-of-all-trade electronics company. Their line of products is so vast it is simply amazing. Samsung is definitely one of the powerhouses in the electronics consumer market. The gross revenue is not as high as 2004, per the article, is most likely due to the competition stepping up. But looking at their line of products in the CES 2006 like the DLP projector and the 1080p DVD player, Samsung will do fine again this year.
gamingmage said:
Good for Samsung. You know whats wierd? I just got a new Samsung cell phone one hour ago. LOL. Yay for Samsung. I also use their quality drives for computers.
cyrax said:
I really don't mind them making a profit because the quality of their products show that they work hard for it. Lets hope 2006 is just as rewarding.
KillerPrince said:
they deserve it. it used to be sony this and sony that. finally something that's been out there but never been on top. cheers to samsung!!
rahuls said:
With great technology products its not surprise that they are the leaders in this field
smtkr said:
I see that a lot of you are too young to remember when Samsung used to make cheap, crappy products.
buttus said:
15 Billion!!!!Holy Crap.Well, I've liked them for a long time. They would always seem to make competitive products of good quality cheaper then their competitors.And I personally am more then old enough to remember the old days when Samsung was a cheap Tier 2 manufacturer. Mind you, Sony was as well at one time.
Cartz said:
[b]Originally posted by PUTALE:[/b][quote]interesting. I have not seen much of samsung's product. I guess they are selling other stuff besides the things that we see on the store.[/quote]Indeed, I would imagine a good deal of their profits were made from the sale of their extremely low latency GDDR3 Memory modules... Both ATI and nvidia use these modules on their upper echelon cards. (1.6ns on the X850s, 1.1ns on the 7800 GTX 512), I would bet that these generate a good deal of revenue that isn't immediately apparant.Props to Samsung, they're a shining example of how to turn a company's sour reputation around.
Race said:
I think it's safe to say that Samsung has re-built it's reputation as a high quality electronic component supplier. I was particularly impressed with their tv's, even before they signed the deal with the NFL for 2005 and 2006 as their official HDTV. (You may have seen the ads running on tv with quarterbacks Marino, Aikman, Young, and Esiason)When side by side with the more expensive, and top of the line Pioneer, I thought the Samsung was very close in all aspects. They also recently completed and brought on-line a huge new plant, and are now producing 40" and 46" glass panels for their tv's in volume (45,000 a month by June), ahead of their competitors. This might have contributed to the lower net earnings, but I would think, bodes well for the future.Also, for anyone on Comcast Cable.....Samsung recently signed a multi-year agreement with Comcast to supply new generation digital set-top boxes, which should be pretty cool. They also had a company best 15 Innovation awards at the Consumer Electronics Show for '06'.When I checked on these awards, they included a wide range of new gear...........cell phones, two LCD HDTV's, two camcorders, two digital audio players, a 'Home Theater In A Box' system, an expandable home theater system, a digital camera, a multi-function printer, a project projector, and a four door refrigerator.Wow......pretty impressive.
mentaljedi said:
Samsung is doing very well but i don't think they should worry with sony as they're being ****** with that rootkit thing! Well done Samsung, keep it up and don't get cocky!
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