Intel drops Pentium brand name

By Derek Sooman on January 16, 2006, 8:08 PM
Say goodbye to the Pentium! Intel has taken the decision to drop the Pentium brand name, ridding itself one of its oldest and most valuable brands. Originally unveiled in 1993, the Pentium will now begin to quietly disappear in the current CPU generation.

Sources indicated that Intel will drop the Pentium name without making a major announcement, but simply transition to processor names such as "Intel D 920" or "Intel 672" without introducing a new brand. Apparently, the transition is planned to begin in the immediate future. The company declined to comment on the possibly fading Pentium brand.
This is, of course, potentially a little risky, but the move does find favour with Kevin Krewell, principal analyst with In-Stat/MDR and editor in chief of the Microprocessor Report. He claims that Intel should have dropped the name when the Pentium II came along.

"In my opinion, Intel should have introduced a new name after launching Pentium II. It was getting quite confusing already back then," he said.

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cyrax said:
ummmmm....with a product identity such as pentium being so renouned, i wonder what will be their new chip name. Wilbur? I hope its something catchy , not like that sad new logo.
2old said:
Wow - No more 'Pentiums'. Kind of the end to an era...I still remember upgrading to a Pentium '1' from my old 286....Interesting move to 'throw away' such a powerful brand name though.
Need_a_Dell said:
I'm afraid to say it, but I may infact miss the Pentium! I personally liked the name, and replacing it with model numbers sounds rather dull. Here's to hpoing that Intel comes out with a new, kick-ass name for their new lines of processors!
otmakus said:
Now it will be pain in the neck to answer to my boss when he asks "So which Pentium is in this computer?" whenever I buy a new computer for the company. Lots of people don't know what's a processor is, let alone Intel or AMD. All they know is that Pentium is the guarantee of quality, and now it won't be there anymore.
exscind said:
I wish Intel comes up with easier naming schemes. This includes AMD with select models - namely the Opteron and FX series. Not everyone is computer savvy and models like Pentium 4 650 and Pentium D 830 are just plain confusing for most people. At least AMD, for the most part, have names that are easier to reference to (3200+, X2 3800+, etc.).Given Intel's current track record of horrible brand/model names, dropping Pentium is only a bad move. For many, Pentium is just more of a household name and something people can relate to. Believe it or not, I still know many people who think Pentium and Intel are two separate companies. So really, I question the intent of dropping Pentium as the brand name.
Race said:
Aaahh yes....I too remember buying my first Pentium (90).Will they keep the well known 'Intel Inside' logo/phrase?The Pentium name did last a very long time (16 years) in computer terms.I suppose it's time for it to go (RIP), but I wouldn't mind them coming up with a cool name for their new line.On second thought, simply 'Intel #' would be fine as well.LOL....decisions decisions.
gudel said:
Kind of Microsoft dropping the name "Windows".Maybe intel wants to have it like bmw, 300, 500 and 700 series etc.
Nodsu said:
The decision to drop "intel Inside" has already been made. The new stickers come with "Limp Ahead". (Or was it "Leap Ahead"?)
PUTALE said:
it's kind of sad I think. I kind of like the Pentium name. It's the very first computer that I have owned (well okay beside the old 386:)). I like the brand and really has come to associate pentium with a good cpu.
phantasm66 said:
Pentium was meant to refer to 586, since it replaced the 486. A new name probably should have been thought up when the PII was released, but Intel had put so much money into marketing the name.
Rhianntp said:
This would have been great news for the launch of the P3... but now it has a feeling of being too late.
smtkr said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote]Pentium was meant to refer to 586, since it replaced the 486. A new name probably should have been thought up when the PII was released, but Intel had put so much money into marketing the name.[/quote]Yeah, but the Pentium 2 and 3 were just pentium pros with some extensions, right?
asphix said:
I know I'm not the only one to think this, but its about time!! The pentium has been around for a good 8-10 years and gone through four generations. Worst of all the pentium 4 has been with us for close to half that total time!While its really great to get a name out that people are familiar with and can identify, things can get stagnant and old. People like to feel they are getting something truely new and cutting edge. Just slapping a higher number than the previous at the end of a well known name doesnt give that impression as a whole new name does.This whole re-structuring being done by intel excites me. I hope this gets them out of the hole they've started to dig for themselves lately.
barfarf said:
I agree with Asphix about time intel gets a make over. I am sure they will give their cpus a new cool name eventually. We know this is the end of an era of single core cpus. Now with the new dual cores showing i am sure intel will do some exiting new name brand with them. The days of murphy's law and cpu speed doubling is over. Intel will need to face to help to reach new business.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
They already have Intel® Core™ Duo and Intel® Centrino™ Duo. Maybe - if single-core CPUs won't be phased out - the single-core one will be just Intel® Core™ ? Or just ™ :P
zachig said:
Hehehe. So I guess we're back to the 'good and old' numbering system, ha? (8086, 8088, 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486....)
Cartz said:
I suppose it really depends on how they choose to resume naming their products. The Pentium/Celeron/Xeon/Centrino naming schemes confused many laymen, including my parents when they went to buy a computer.Why is a 2.0Ghz Celeron significantly cheaper then a 2.0 Ghz P4? What's a Xeon, why is it so expensive?If they go to a 'BMW Style' as someone put it, it would be much more obvious to people that a 300 series (Celeron) is weaker then the 500 600 and 700 series. Frankly, I think most processor names are silly. The Thunderbird? Athlon? Duron? Pentium? lol, No wonder people think us computer people are such dorks!Good Call Intel, it was about time that name got put on the shelf.
DragonMaster said:
People think that they only have the choice between "Pentium" and "Mac".Is that a trick to make people switch to Mac? We know that Intel Macs are coming and that there is no AMD in there.
MonkeyMan said:
I said it!!!!! I knew it was going to happen, in a previous post, I said that Intel is moving into a new direction, and they will eventually change the name of their company. And what happened? BAM!!!!!!! this is a fresh start for Intel, and if they market their products and devices correctly, they may lead the world as far as processors are concerned.
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by Mictlantecuhtli:[/b][quote]They already have Intel® Core™ Duo and Intel® Centrino™ Duo. Maybe - if single-core CPUs won't be phased out - the single-core one will be just Intel® Core™ ? Or just ™ :P[/quote]The single core versions are referred to as Intel® Core™ Solo.
Cy6erpuke said:
I still battle with the silly model, family, stepping. In hardware audits I have to use CPUz to determine clock speed. How simple would it be to class them logilcally? Go Intel, you can do it.
atk spade said:
i sort of welcome the change. especially if it means a change in the CPUs makeup. Time to get shorter pipelines wouldnt you say?
xcorch said:
Cool....for me the name change is quite late but, very much welcome.......
Kaleid said:
I've only had two Pentium based computers, the last one was the the P2 400Mhz (overclocked to 448), at those times Intel pretty much had a monopoly in the CPU market. Price was very hefty, about $500 or £290. Still I found it to be worth the money since I upgraded from a P166Mhz. Back in the days I also purchased a IMB 6.4GB harddrive for almost the same amount of money. These days I try to stay in the middle segment of performance to for best price/performance ratio.
blue_dragon said:
lol say good bye to the pentium 5...i thought that would actually become a reality..wait till my friend hears about this
gamingmage said:
Wow...that's just to bad. The Pentium is what intel is renouned for. Now were going for a procceser with out any real name, wow how creative. But Intel can do what Intel wants, I think I'll move over to AMD...jk.
crossfire851 said:
Wasn't something said like there were going to get rid of the P line back a bit. Was this just the "offical" announcement. Anways I own a few Pents, all I can say is outstanding quality/performace. I hope they are able to get a name that will be as well know. Like others had said unforantly people think "pentium"and "Intel" are two different companys. Most people think if it says pentium on it it will be high performace(not always ture, this main beginning of the tech age.) But I just hope that Intel will come up with a very catchy name.
power091999 said:
I always think change is a good thing. However I see issues with non-technical folks.My mother has always called computers Pentiums. Regaurdless if they were AMD or Celeron. So when Dell no longer shows as having "PENTIUM", my mother is going to be even more lost than she was before.
mentaljedi said:
Its unfortunate but very necessisary. It comes with the change of the slogan and probably a whole new makeover. I think they should just do the whole number thing, and the bigger the number the more powerful. However, they would need to redo that everntuall as you'd get: The Intel 250060 processor etc...
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