T-Mobile ad gets bad response

By Derek Sooman on January 19, 2006, 4:21 PM
A number of complaints have been made regarding a T-Mobile press promotion, which encouraged people to use electronic gadgets and other equipment whilst driving. An ad, which ran in The Evening Standard, The Guardian and The Times, showed a woman driving a car with its glove box stuffed full of remote-working gadgets and office equipment.

The ad carried the tagline: "Work where you work best. Business data solutions from T-Mobile puts your business wherever you are."
This ad attracted many complaints from members of the public, saying the advert suggested the equipment could be used while on the road. It is claimed that this encouraged dangerous driving. T-Mobile disputed the claim, saying none of the devices were pictured being used by anyone at the wheel. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), however, decided to uphold the complaints. In light of the recent ban on driving while using a mobile phone, it seems only right. T-Mobile has no plans to use the ad again.

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nathanskywalker said:
Well, if i may, that "tag-line" doesn't say you have to work in such a way that you indanger people. I completely agree that utilizing certain electric devices, or really any kind of appliance while driving really is not a good idea. But just because one promo says:[quote]"Work where you work best. Business data solutions from T-Mobile puts your business wherever you are."[/quote]Does not mean that much. I mean, some people are just stupid and are going to drive in an unsafe manner no matter what.[quote]his drew complaints from several members of the public, saying the advert suggested the equipment could be used while on the road, encouraging "irresponsible" and "dangerous" driving.[/quote]Ok....one person, now that has it's implications, but i don't think it is quite enough to start freaking out about....but of course, that's just my opinion.[Edited by nathanskywalker on 2006-01-19 18:11:08]
l33t_tek said:
If the commercial was gruesomely violent or displayed explicit nudity, that's understanable. But someone driving a car with a mobile is dangerous to TV viewers? Please...The ad is not telling us directly to use mobile phones in our car - it's simply advertising their product to their audience. Honestly, the minority who had a problem with this ad don't really have much of a life.
Race said:
I suppose it's possible that the use of the glove compartment of a car may not have been the best placement of these devices (in lew of the complaints), I would think T-Mobile simply wanted to put the emphasis on staying productive on the go.But.....encouraging dangerous driving?? Since the woman wasn't actually using them, I have to disagree.With T-Mobile pulling the ad, it's clear they wanted to make it a non-issue anyway.Concerning the last sentence...."in light of the recent ban on driving while using a mobile phone", I'm not sure I agree with the UK's policy on this.However, I am totally in favor of mandatory hands-free devices while driving.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, I don't think that T-Mobile meant to create such an uproar with the public. They may have just been trying to promote their company, but you have to be careful what you say when promoting a product. With T-Mobile being a very large company, everything they say and do, is monitored, because they have a large consumer base.
paulwuzhere said:
I would love to work on the road. That doesn't mean on the interstate but like in a parking lot. Or on a road trip while someone else is driving.
gamingmage said:
This is absurd. It's stupid to go crazy over a commercial in which you have to think about in order to get the idea that you should drive while using mobile devices. I mean look at that Carl's Jr. commercial not many people got upset over that as much.
exscind said:
While I agree that people should not talk on cell phones when driving, I think the Advertising Standards Authority took it too far by using T-Mobile as a scapegoat. In a world where the slightest misinterpretation can result in bad reputation and damaging a brand name, T-Mobile and other companies should be more careful about the themes for their advertisements. But on the other side, the ASA shouldn't be waiting for any opportunity to use a major company as the poster child for their "holy crusade."
asphix said:
I agree, this is such a non issue in terms of it being a commercial. I can understand some people may be upset.. but still.. its a commercial folks.. get over it.People who talk on their cell phones while driving are annoying. I'm just as guilty as the next person, even though I can get ticketed now in Connecticut. When I do use my cell phone when driving its somethign quick, like "hey.. i'm running late.. i'll be there around x time." or "you get there yet?" or quick 1 minute or less conversations.It annoys me to no end when I see some lady yapping away going 40 mph in a 55 mph zone!
mentaljedi said:
Ha! Maybe it was the woman driving that was dangerous not the mobile! just joking girls, you know i love you. But seriously now, an advert won't make everyone say "hey! Let's take my new mobile for a spin and do 90 on the motorway!"
Cartz said:
Hahaha, On my way to work today, I saw someone rearend someone else, why? Looked to me like the lady who did the rear-ending was texting or possibly emailing someone on her mobile phone...I've gone on a rant regarding the stupidity of using complicated electronics whilest trying to maneouver a 1.5 ton vehicle at 65mph, so I'll spare you all a repition of it.This ad doesn't seem to me to explicitly encourage devicing and driving, but anything that discourages it is A-Ok by me.
Vaulden said:
I don't like the idea of using a mobile while driving. Way too many bad drivers out there to encourage anything that could take even a portion of attention away from the road.However, this seems a bit far fetched to me. I have not seen the ad, but due to the descriptions I'd have to say it was an over reaction that was upheld and followed. It happens all too often for my tastes.
jassim said:
I'm sure we all have the ability to think, so why don't we use our heads and realize that it was only a commercial??If we DO know its illegal to talk on the mobile phone while driving, why to follow the commercial and talk on the phone?Or is T-Mobile going to remotely detonate your mobile the next time it rings!!??HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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