Apple changes iTunes feature

By Derek Sooman on January 24, 2006, 5:01 PM
Apple has taken the step of altering its iTunes software - switching the so-called "MiniStore" feature to give users the choice of turning it on, rather than it being on by default. The move is the result of disquiet raised over privacy concerns with the software. The company introduced the recommendation feature two weeks ago, which requires that information on the songs being played be sent to Apple. This happens in the background while users may not even be connected to Apple's iTunes online music store.

The new feature raised some fears over whether Apple was quietly collecting information about a user's private listening session. Apple says it was not storing any of the user data, but posted that point along with the software changes a week later.

"We've listened to our users and made access to the MiniStore an opt-in feature," said Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr.

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sjps220 said:
It's always better to give the consumer the choice anyways. I've heard iTunes is a good program. I tried it and didn't think it was anything special. I just use windows explorer and winamp. Do a lot of you use iTunes?
PanicX said:
I've had iTunes crash at least 6 seperate computers. That and I really dislike software that runs as a service with no need to.
PUTALE said:
it's nice to know that my itune is not spying on me anymroe, or is it...:)
cyrax said:
I thought they allow you to turn it on at will? If so, then its good they did not take the sony route to things. They know if a service good and respectful, people will come back for more.
Need_a_Dell said:
I am in absolute love with iTunes. After switching through several different programs, I came across iTunes. It is by FAR the best out there. I didn't really mind that iTunes has the store turned on by default. All I had to do was turn it off in the features. the fact that it was sending my music information to Apple without my knowledge...that raises an eyebrow... or two.
exscind said:
Great job on Apple's part. Many big companies will ignore the consumers completely, which really only hurts the companies. The whole monitoring what songs you're listening to seemed kind of sneaky, but at least the people voiced an opinion, and Apple listened.
devourer said:
I haven't upgraded to the version that has this "MiniStore" feature yet, but it's good to know that the latest version has this feature off by default and that Apple "cares" about its users.
crossfire851 said:
The last time I updated my Itunes and sbybot, sbybot found something that wasn't there after the updates and its said something like apple itunes or something but hey what's up with that?
shounen said:
ipod is a scam u buy ipod u are tempted to download songs with Itunes *story by a real victim, Me*
MonkeyMan said:
There would be no reason why Apple would be listening to its customers through the I-tunes software right? I'm glad they switched this, because it is a serious privacy issue, and apple could have very well been sued for it, if they didn't change it. Great move though Apple, you saw the problem, and you fixed it.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I use iTunes on my Mac, haven't bought anything from iTMS though, so this issue hasn't concerned me. In Windows I use WinAmp, in Linux XMMS.
mentaljedi said:
just shows u. even the nicest of companies care only about one thing: profits. Its just how they try and get it that we recognise.
DragonMaster said:
[quote]I tried it and didn't think it was anything special.[/quote]Yes, I don't see what's so special with a playlist & play control buttons while others have a LOT of features.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Yes, I don't see what's so special with a playlist & play control buttons[/quote]That's all I need, I don't need a lot of features.
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